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Aug 06, 2013 02:53 PM EDT

Johnny Depp Movies: 'Lone Ranger' Actor Lashes Out at Harsh Critics [VIDEO]

Johnny Depp
(Photo : REUTERS) Cast member Johnny Depp poses at the world premiere of "The Lone Ranger" at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California June 22, 2013

The stars of "The Lone Ranger" are fighting back against American critics now that the film is ready to be released internationally.

"The Lone Ranger" opened up in the United Stages to overwhelmingly poor reviews, and was only able to garner a sub-$30 million opening at the box office.

Now Johnny Jepp, Armie Hammer, and producer Jerry Bruckhiemer has said in an interview that critics did not understand "The Lone Ranger.

"...They were reviewing the budget, not reviewing the movie," Bruckhiemer said in the clip, while Depp claimed that "the reviews were written seven to eight months before" the film was released in theaters.

This does not stop the fact that the film only received a 27 percent on Rotten Tomatos, and Vulture said that their argument may have been valid if it had been a few weeks earlier.

"Frankly, this point might've made more sense if two weeks earlier World War Z, another very expensive movie with its share of well-documented production woes, had not opened to solid reviews. But it did (67 percent on RT) and it has since gone on to make $488+ million worldwide and counting," Vulture said.

To see Depp criticize American critics, click below.

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