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Aug 05, 2013 04:50 PM EDT

Kajol Weight Loss After Kids, 2013 Comeback to Bollywood Movie, Turns 39 on Her Birthday

(Photo : REUTERS/Christian Charisius ) Kajol celebrates her 39th birthday, announcing her Bollywood comeback and weight loss

Today, August 5, 2013 marks Kajol’s 39th birthday! Since giving birth to her baby Yug almost a year ago, Kajol has been enjoying motherhood, putting her Bollywood career on hold. She reveals her secrets and rules to staying healthy and happy after she has lost weight after her second child. She also talks about returning to the Bollywood scene at the end of 2013.

After having her second child, Kajol has been looking great as she works out and keep a proper diet. Her secret for a nice toned body, is dance. She has danced away the baby weight after delivering Yung. She has been learning Western dance at her friend Bhavesh Gandhi’s institute.

“I am just doing one special class,” said Kajol to NDTV.

Kajol is a hardcore non-vegetarian making sure she gets some protein in her diet. She drinks a lot of water while keeping a two hour long workout schedule multiple times a week.

Kajol was last seen in a cameo in “Student of the Year” in 2012. Now Times of India reported that she plans on getting back into Bollywood films. Although nothing is set in stone, Kajol may start shooting for a new film by the end of this year.

Kajol has received the Filmfare award for the Padma Shri for “My Name is Khan,” making this her fifth Filmfare award.

In the mean time, Kajol is celebrating her birthday with close family and friends, enjoying a quiet get-together. While receiving expensive gifts from her close ones, she says that it’s her mother’s gifts that are closest to her heart.

“When I was 13 or 14, my mother used to gift me books that I were dying to read. Those were my most memorable birthday gifts,” said Kajol.

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