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Alexander Skarsgard Girlfriend 2013: Kristen Stewart Top Contender for Dating? Ellen Page vs Nina Dobrev, Who Would Make the Perfect Lover?


Alexander Skarsgard
(Photo : Reuters/Phil McCarten) Alexander Skarsgard is taking advantage of his single life and doesn't seem to be dating anyone at the moment.

Alexander Skarsgard might not be dating Ellen Page, but there are definitely many girlfriend contenders out there for the hunky actor.

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The 36-year-old "True Blood" actor recently denied that he was dating his "The East" 26-year-old costar Ellen Page.

"Ellen and I are friends," he assured the German edition of OK! magazine, jokingly adding: "If I was really dating every woman I've been linked to, I would never be out of bed!"

"Besides, dating actresses is hard," he continued. "They usually don't have time for things like that. When they do have time, then it's me who's standing in front of a camera somewhere else. Also: I don't treat a new film set as an opportunity to score some dates!"

So who could Skarsgard date?

Well we know two actresses that know how to play sexy vampires and had vampire boyfriends, so they know that way of living.

Of course you can guess. They are Kristen Stewart and Nina Dobrev.

Stewart, 23, is way younger than Skarsgard but that doesn't stop a connection [if there is one].

The "Twilight" star is known for her role as Bella Swan, a human, clumbsy teenager from Forks Washington that fell in love with sparkly vampire Edward Cullen [Robert Pattinson]. Stewart dating Pattinson for four years, but the couple broke up after her July 2012 cheating scandal with "Snow White and Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders. They got back together but then recently split in May 2013 because Pattinson reportedly couldn't trust his Bella.

So maybe Stewart can find a new start with Skarsgard.

Nina Dobrev, 24, also dated a vampire actor: Ian Somerhalder. They both star in "The Vampire Diaries" as lovers Damon and Elena. The two broke up in May 2013 because Dobrev wasn't ready to take the next serious step, marriage, with Somerhalder like he wanted to. Also, some sources said that the age difference was another problem in the relationship.

But fans are rooting for Ellen Page.

Who do you think fits better as Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend? Sound off below!

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