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Mad Men Season 7 SPOILERS: Will Bob Benson Return? James Wolk Opens Up About Fan Theories, Final Season


“Mad Men” Season 6 brought in several new characters, but perhaps none were as talked about as the mysterious Bob Benson, who at the end of the season was revealed to have lied about his identity in order to get a job at SC&P, a la Don Draper.

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James Wolk, who played Benson, recently opened up about his role on the show and talked about Benson’s possible return.

Wolk will next star opposite Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar on the new CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones,’” premiering on September 26.

However, he said that he’d love to come back to “Mad Men” if they’ll have him, Today reports.

"If they want me (back on 'Mad Men'), we can certainly try to make something happen," Wolk said.

“It's in their hands," he added, "but I loved working on ('Mad Men') and I'd love to be back there."

"That was a joy - working on that show was incredible," Wolk said. "I've been a fan of that show, so to come in and get a role like that really felt like a gift. It was just a great experience."

Wolk also talked about the fan theories surrounding the intriguing Bob Benson.

"Immortal time-traveling madman — that was my favorite one," Wolk said.

"I try to stay away from the online stuff, because anything that you believe that's good, you have to believe the bad stuff too,” he said.

“That said, I am a human being operating in the world, and all my family members and friends would relay that to me, and it was exciting to see that response."

Benson revealed that he didn’t know exactly where Benson was headed when he took the role.

"I didn't really know who he was," he said, according to The Wrap. "I was trying to figure it out as the season went on. So as it first started it was just this guy who was a little vague and popped up here and popped up there. As the season unfolded I was brought into who he really was."


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