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Reporter's Photo Jul 30, 2013 09:22 AM EDT

Melanie Fraser Hart Talks Marilyn Monroe, Christie Brinkley and Swimwear In an Exclusive Interview

A Callula Lillibelle summer look
(Photo : Melanie Fraser Hart ) A Callula Lillibelle summer look

Melanie Fraser Hart is all about vintage charm. Head designer of the label Callula Lillibelle, Fraser Hart is dedicated to stitching together threads that speak to a simple feminine charm. Her collections nod to a retro glamour and carries a playful and zany spirit.

We caught up with Melanie to chat about all things swimwear and celebrity beach bodies!


What do you love about designing swimwear?

I like making bathing suits that are appropriate, but are still fun and sexy.


Tell us a bit about your current collection?

My Spring 2014 collection is comprised of simple black, white, yellow and polka dots designs. Less is more.


Where do you look for inspiration? 

I like to look back at Marilyn Monroe's style for inspiration. She was sexy without showing too much.


Who do you think has the best beach body? (Male and Female)

Christie Brinkley!


What are 3 key items you would pair with your swimsuits?

Callula Lillibelle cover-ups, beach hat and sunglasses.



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