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'True Blood' HBO Season 6 SPOILERS: The Death of Eric Northman? Alexander Skarsgard Hints, Fans Outraged, Threaten to Not Watch if Lafayette, Pam, Sookie Dies, MAJOR Character Shocker


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(Photo : John P. Johnson/HBO/Facebook) Eric vs Pam: WIll one of them die in "True Blood" season 6?

Fans are getting anxious after hearing news that a major character will die on season 6 of "True Blood," and already decided which character death will make them stop watching the show.

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"True Blood" cast members have been teasing what is to come in the rest of season 6, which is already up to episode 6.

"I obviously can't say who it is, but I was definitely surprised when I found out," Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin, admitted to, adding that the shocking death "changes the tone of the show" entirely.

Showrunner Brian Buckner previously revealed "one of the principal characters will not make it all the way through the season."

"It's heartbreaking," Jason Stackhouse actor Ryan Kwanten said of the table read of the scene. "I was actually quite surprised that we had survived as long as we have without any true main cast dying. It was tough; even in the table read when we knew that this character was going to go, there were tears galore."

Alcide actor Joe Manganiello added, "The table read was really sad, heartfelt. That person cried ... We all clapped, and then in 'True Blood' fashion, we had red velvet cake. When someone dies, they serve red velvet cake. Like, bloody cake, and you eat it ceremoniously, which is kind of what werewolves do."

Wetpaint speculated that Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard, would die because he remained tight-lipped about the scene, only saying it was "emotional."


Maybe Bill will die.
Maybe Bill will die.


That, along with Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, saying season 6 is "shocking," makes fans on edge.



Fans would be really upset if Eric dies.
Fans would be really upset if Eric dies.


Eric could definitely die, as we see from the end of episode 5 that the Newlins staged a fight between Eric and his progeny Pam. We saw she was enraged when she found out she was the only one.


Will something bad happen to Sookie?
Will something bad happen to Sookie?




Wetpaint asked fans if they would still watch "True Blood" if indeed Sookie was killed by her father who has possessed "poor, spiritually-abused Lafayette."




In the comments, most fans said they would stop watching, but Pam and Lafayette actually have a lot of fans backing them.


Here's what some fans had to say:

"As long as Lafayette does NOT die, I'm cool!"

"I will not watch trueblood if Sookie is killed off. I don't always like her but the stories ar based on the sookie stackhouse novels. So you better don't kill her off."

"I am so afraid it's going to be Lafayette that dies. Someone that doesn't realize what's going on will think he is trying to drown Sookie and kill him. I sure hope not because he is one of my very favorites!"

"I just hope it isn't pam or Eric or Lafayette."

"If Andy, Jessica, Jason, Bill, Tara, and Lafayette die I will consider not watching anymore but, if Sookie, Eric, or Pam dies I will definitely not watch it anymore. Make the Rev Newlin die!"

"If it is Eric or Bill - the series is dead."

"If it's Eric I won't be watching anymore."

"It better not be Erik. Hopefully it's Tara."

"It will probably be Lafayette considering he died in the first book. Eric goes on to marry sookie and they live happily ever after in the books so I don't think they are going to stray far from that in the show."

"I think it's bill."

"If they kill Pam I'm going to be pissed."

Who do you think will get killed off? Sound off below!

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