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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating 2013 News: Hints Christian Grey and Ana Steele Roles Confirmed? Visits Edward's Fav Guitar Shop, Are They Back Together? [PHOTOS]


Edward and Bella
(Photo : Facebook/Twilight Saga) Bella and Edward are still holding down the fort with their "Twilight Saga" movies.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could be the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele that "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie producers are looking for, and they could be together on-screen as well as off-screen with their recent movements.

According to Hollywood Life, 23-year-old Stewart was spotted at Pattinson's favorite guitar shop, Norman's Rare Guitars, in Tarzana, and could have been shopping for her ex-boyfriend.

"Rob was the one to introduce Kristen to our store. He came here a few years ago and bought some guitars and then he brought her and she's been shopping here ever since. He still shops here too, but they haven't come in together in a while. This time Kristen came in by herself," a source told HL. "Usually, she comes in with friends or her dad, but today she was alone. She's always friendly, she was extremely quiet this time, and as far as we could tell she was in a good mood. Last year, she was here buying a vintage guitar for Robert and she brought four friends in with her to help her decide, but today she didn't have anyone with her."



This could be a sign that the 27-year-old Edward actor has taken back his Bella after still being upset about her July 2012 cheating scandal. But we need a little more proof than that.

Meanwhile, Pattinson was spotted arriving in Toronto for his new movie "Map to the Stars," carrying a polka dot bag over his shoulder when he landed on Wednesday. He paired the look with jeans, black sunglasses, white t-shirt, black bomber jacket and a black beanie. [SEE PICS]

So what about these recent "Fifty Shades" rumors?

Opposing Views dished the details:

"Last year," writes the International Business Times, "E.L. James stated that Robert and Kristen would not be considered for the film given their successful careers. Yet, it looks as if James has changed her mind on the matter."

"Rob and Kristen will both have to audition like everyone else, although they are bang at the top of director Sam Taylor-Johnson's wish list," said a senior source of Focus Features. "They are virtually guaranteed to stimulate huge box office interest."

Yes, Stewart and Pattinson have always had their names attached to Christian and Ana. One main reason is because E.L. James' characters are based off of "Twilight" couple Edward and Bella, so why wouldn't fans want them to play the two roles?

What do you think? Are they the perfect Christian and Ana? Sound off below!

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