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Star Wars Episode VII 2015 Plot, SPOILERS: JJ Abrams to Direct 'Star Trek 3' Also? Star Wars 7 News, Rumors Hint 2015 Release, Fans Speculate Not Going to Happen


Star Trek Into Darkness
(Photo : Facebook) Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in "Star Trek Into Darkness," hinted that JJ Abrams could be directing the anticipated sequel.

"Star Wars Episode VII" will start filming in 2014, but fans could be a little worried that "Star Trek 3" will release around the same time and could be similar or not as good as expected if JJ Abrams takes on both at the same time.

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According to BuzzHub, "Star Trek Into Darkess" Spock actor Zachary Quinto dished some "ST3" details at a special public interview at the 2013 Galway Film Festival on Friday, July 12 in Ireland.

"Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year," Quinto said. "It's going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That's the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet."

BuzzHub said at one point in the interview, Quinto mentioned that JJ Abrams was planning to direct "ST3," but he didn't elaborate. He also said that he wouldn't reunite with Abrams and appear in "Star Wars Episode 7/VII" without giving any particular reason.


J.J. Abrams, director of the new film
J.J. Abrams, director of the new film "Star Trek Into Darkness", poses as he arrives at the film's premiere in Hollywood May 14, 2013. REUTERS/Fred Prouser


So what does this all really mean?

It means that both movies could have a release date in 2015 [we already know that "Star Wars" does].

"But if they [Paramount] do move forward with shooting a sequel next year, that would mean their release date is likely to be in 2015, when Abrams is supposed to have Star Wars: Episode 7 in theaters," predicted. "But right now there's no script or director, so if what Quinto is saying is true, we should start getting word about it shortly. It seems unlikely that Paramount will want to wait until Abrams is done with Star Wars as that would mean another four year break between films."

Some fans think that JJ Abrams doing both films could hinder how good "Star Trek 3" is going to come out.

Here's what some fans had to say:

"I don't see how Abrams could direct Star Trek in 2014, when he is busy with Star Wars until 2015 at the earliest."

"Why make so much stuff at once? They don't get enough focus when you have piles of crap at once. I'd do one thing at a time and DO IT WELL. Quality over Quantity!!"

"JJ Abrams is no longer directing, they could always find a better director, but JJs is producing and every movie JJ directs is great, movies he produces however are about half and half, if they find the right name it could be great, or not."

Some fans had suggestions on who could direct "Star Trek 3:"

"I may be the only one, but i highly recommend to get Jonathan Frakes back as the director."

"George Lucas isn't busy. He should definitely do Star Trek 3."

"I think Spielberg should direct a Trek. But given his recent track record, maybe not."

One commenter was all for Abrams directing both movies: "He's going to be doing both Trek and Wars. I'm super excited to hear this. Now i get at least one more awesome Trek movie and 3 Epic Star Wars movies to look foreword to. The man knows his Sci Fi. I say give him the rights to direct some new Alien movies and I'm in heaven. I hope this news happens when all is said and done."

What do you think of Abrams directing both films? Sound off below!

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