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'Revenge' ABC Season 3 Spoilers: First PHOTOS of Victoria Grayson's Son Patrick in Episode 1, Charlotte Hates Her Brother? 'Sexual and Emotional Manipulation' Ahead


(Photo : Reuters/Mario Anzuoni) Cast member Justin Hartley (L) speaks, as co-star Mamie Gummer watches, at a panel for "Emily Owens, M.D." during the CW television portion of the Television Critics Association Summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California July 30, 2012.

"Revenge" season 3 is heating up as new spoilers emerge for Victoria's son, Ashley's last episode, and steamy episodes.

It was just announced that former "Smallville" actor Justin Hartley would play Victoria Grayson's son, Patrick.


According to the Examiner, Victoria will spend time with her son whom she gave up for adoption, Patrick, who was revealed at the end of the season 2 finale, when he showed up on her doorstep.

"Patrick Harper is Victoria's long lost son, and he will spend a lot of time reuniting with his mother during the season three premiere," the Examiner explained.

Spoiler TV said that Patrick is in his late 30s. Physically, He's ruggedly handsome and has a trace of darkness in his eyes.


"Da boyz @revenge S3 EP1 #Fear #TableRead ~ @karterhol: @BarrySloane @Nick_Wechsler @Hartleyjustin #JBow #RevengeBTS," Hartley retweeted Gabrial Mann's tweet on July 12. Hartley is on the far right.

In the premiere episode titled "Fear," Emily and Daniel are staying in Paris while Patrick and Victoria will spend a "solid quality time together." While they develop, "a transformed version of Charlotte Grayson will emerge."


In other spoilers, fans will see a new version of Charlotte as a "more sophisticated woman" after the death of Declan, the father of her unborn baby. She will also have a "strong level of hostility will fill-u" when she meets her half-brother, Patrick.

What about Ashley?

TV Guide revealed:

No, Ashley will definitely be back, at least for the season premiere, in which she pops up at one of Emily's big parties. Look for her to share an awkward encounter with her ex Daniel, just as he seems to be as in love with Emily as he ever was. Meanwhile, Jack will be hitting the bottle extra-hard now that he's a single dad and knows the truth about Emily.

Wetpaint said that season 3 will "be more focused on sexual and emotional manipulation than weaponry and explosions, and we'll hopefully be getting back to the core of Emily Thorne's quest for justice against those who wronged her father and ruined her life."

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross on the hit ABC series, said that season 3 would be full of excitement.

"Could not be more excited to return to the #Hamptons THIS IS the season that @Revenge fans have been waiting for. #StartYourRevengines #S3," Mann tweeted.

Twitter username Karterhol, a "Revenge" writer, tweeted to fans that writers are really working on episode 5 right now.

"Definitely getting there!" Karterhol tweeted to a fan on July 9. "It's gonna be #Steamy. Funny to see how some stuff people screaming 4 is happening, some not! ;)."

Enstarz reported that there could also be a love triangle in the works.

Production for "Revenge" season 3 starts on July 15.

What do you think will happen on the premiere of season 3? Sound off below!


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