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Star Wars Episode VII 2015 Plot, SPOILERS: Angelina Jolie and Lawrence Fishburne to Join New Cast? Fans Hate Idea, Disney D23 Expo Details Revealed, $1.2 Billion Movie


Star Wars
(Photo : Facebook) A fan-made "Star Wars Episode 7/VII" features James Franco, Angelina Jolie, and Lawrence Fishburne as part of the cast.

Fans are speculating who would be cast in the upcoming "Star Wars Episode 7/VII" movie, and new rumors say that Angelina Jolie or Lawrence Fishburne are fan-favorites and D23 Expo could reveal a lot more details.

According to MTV News, D23 Expo, Disney's biannual event taking place Aug. 9-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, will feature an exhibit about the development of Darth Vader and "Crash Course in the Force," a remedial overview of all things "Star Wars."

But The Hollywood Reporter said that insiders claim that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill, along with new cast members will confirm involvement in JJ Abrams 2015 movie.

But MTV News said that it's highly unlikely since announcing new cast members and the Big Three returning will take away from D23, and none of the trade publications, such as Deadline, THR, or Variety, leaked this information before hand.

On top of this, Credit Suisse analyst Michael Senno estimates that Disney will make $733 million in profit, which is $1.2 billion in global ticket sales, from the highly anticipated "Star Wars" movie, according to Cinema Blend.

What about the title?

There could be a subtitle along with "Star Wars Episode 7." MTV explained:

Imagine it. "Luke, Leia, and Hans will be back in 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Blankity Blank Blank Rises.' " You'd have to sub in the actual title, but that sounds pretty cool, right?

Speaking of subtitle, fans are going crazy over a fan-made poster revealed on Facebook that features Angelina Jolie, Lawrence Fishburne, and James Franco as cast members in the new movie. Hovering over the three of them is a suited man dressed similar to Darth Vadar, who could be the villain in the film. according to the poster, the title of the movie would be, "Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Empire."

It looks like fans are keen to the idea of Fishburne taking a role in the film, but not too happy about seeing Jolie. Here's what fans are saying on the Facebook:

"Lawrence can stay...... But the other 2 hell no.......... There was a rumor that Will Smith was in conversations with disney...... Please do not add will smith to episode 7."

"I hope they cast unknowns to play new roles in Ep/7. It'll be great to see Mark harruison and Carrie come back (and Billy Dee too)."

"Angelina is a terrible idea."

"Liked this till I saw Angelina. Then unliked it. Sorry."

"At least try finding actors who look a little like the original cast."

"Is that Laurence fishburn? And Franco!! Great idea!!"

"I'd rather no name actors who will be the made famous from Star Wars."

Who do you think should be cast in the next "Star Wars" film? Sound off below!

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