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Jul 11, 2013 10:03 AM EDT

2014 IIFA Venue: Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit To Host Indian Film Awards Show In Tampa Bay [VIDEO]

IIFA awards
(Photo : REUTERS/Tyrone Siu) 2014 IIFA awards come to Tampa Bay

Bollywood movies are a huge business in India, selling over $4 billion worth of tickets each year. For the first time, India’s 2014 International Indian Film Academy Awards show will be held in the United States in Tampa, FL.

The International Indian Film Academy is much like Hollywood’s Oscars with awards and performances. This year’s IIFA was held in Macau, hosted by Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Dr. Kiran Patel helped make this event happen for 2014.

“The magnitude of the event can only be perceived when it’s witnessed. And for many of the people here, this is something they’ve never seen,” said Patel to ABC Action News.

The IIFA Awards have previously been held in London, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, Dubai, Thailand, Toronto and a few others. Organizers of the awards show are expecting between 30,000 to 40,000 visitors this year as they use private funds to bring the IIFA to Tampa.

Not only will Bollywood stars come to the Tampa event, but other Hollywood celebrities are expected to make an appearance as well.

Santiago Corrado, Tampa Bay and Company president, said that they are planning to 32 events leading up to the day of the International Indian Film Academy, which will be taking place in June 2014.

Check out Madhuri Dixit's performance at the 2013 IIFA awards YouTube/TheSGCreations.

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