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Jul 02, 2013 01:02 PM EDT

Nelson Mandela Death Date: Family Fights Over Burial Place, Goes to Court, Will Public Feud Affect Mandela's Health?

Nelson Mandela
(Photo : REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko)

Nelson Mandela, who has been in a Pretoria hospital since June 8, remained in critical condition Tuesday as a judge issued a ruling regarding his family's feud over the burial site of his deceased children and control of Mandela's legacy, ABC News reported.

In 2011, Mandela's oldest grandson, 39-year old Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, also known as Mandla, allegedly moved the graves of three of his grandfather's children to Mvezo, where he is trying to build a tourist destination, without the rest of the family's consent, which started a bitter family feud.  

On Tuesday, the Eastern Cape High Court ordered Mandla to return the remains of the children to the former South African president's ancestral village of Qunu, which is where Mandela has publicly stated he wants to be buried when he dies.

Now, with the death of the ill statesman looming, the fight over the reburial of these family members has become increasingly bitter, with 16 members of the family going to court to force Mandla to return the remains to their original location.

After an urgent family meeting held by Mandela's daughter, Makaziwe, which resulted in Mandla storming out, the family was left with no choice but to head to court.

The family claimed they are acting on behalf of Mandela's wish to have everyone buried together.

Hopefully the added stress of this argument doesn't cause further harm to Mandela's already poor health. Keep checking back with us for updates on Mandela and his family's feud. 

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