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iPhone 5S, 6 Release Date, Features, Rumors, Specs: Transparent? New PHOTOS Reveal 5-inch vs 4.5-inch Glass Screen With Glowing Apple Button, Bigger Battery, iRadio, iOS 7


iPhone 5
(Photo : Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon) The next-generation iPhone may come in a gray color.

New iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 rumors emerge with new photos and features coming to Apple fans everywhere.

iPhone 5S

The upcoming 5S is said to have a release date sometime at the fall of this year, and new rumored features keep popping up as the release gets nearer.

According to CultofMac, a new photo suggests that Apple might make a major change to the home button in the 5S, replacing the icon that exists there now with a big, glowing Apple symbol.


Cult of Mac speculated why the 5S would have a glowing Apple symbol:

The iPhone 5S is widely believed to pack a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button. Perhaps this sensor requires a larger "window" to work than the current home button icon could provide?

In another photo, French site revealed a tray of batteries supposedly for the iPhone 5S, but this can't be confirmed because of the lack of markings on them, MacRumors reported.

Other photos how a prototype iPhone 5S manufactured in December 2012, which revealed that the battery has a higher capacity than the current iPhone 5 battery, moving from 5.45 Whr and 1440 mAh to 5.92 Whr and 1560 mAh, an increase of roughly 8%. 


Chinese micro blogging site Sina Weibo unveiled photos of the 5S on a production line, showing that in the 5S, one connector is oriented vertically while the other horizontally.

iPhone 6

Could the next-generation iPhone be transparent? That's what new rumors are saying about the iPhone 6, which has a release date in 2014.

According to, new photos hint that the iPhone 6 could be made of glass and going to happen "this year itself."

"It's the Taiwan-based Polytron Technologies which is busy putting finishing touches to its prototype glass phones for at least two smartphone manufacturers," the report said. "Will Apply be one of those? You bet. We do."

Along with Apple, Samsung, LG and Fujitsu are other companies that are looking into transparent smartphones in the future.


Other rumors for the iPhone 6 include iRadio and three phones with three differnet display sizes. reported that the highly anticipated iPhone 6 will come in 4-inches, 4.5-inches, and 5-inches, apart of its "killer features." And to give it "a broader appeal," the 6 will also come with iOS 7 and iRadio, which "gives iPhone 6 users access to free streaming music whether they can afford iTunes song purchases or not."


Rumors say that the new iPhone 5S will have a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, NFC, and "possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+ 128GB storage." It may also come in 6-8 colors, similar to the iPod Touch, and will be thinner and lighter than its previous version and fingerprint reader technology. It may also have a price of $199, just like the current iPhone 5, and have possible release dates of August, September, or October.

The iPhone 6 may have a 12-megapixel sensor, up from the 8-megapixel version of the iPhone 5. It could be waterproof with a 4.8-inch Retina+ HD display with a 3D camera and fingerprint reader. In terms of storage, the next-generation smartphone will come with 128GB instead of the current 64GB. Also, the iPhone 6 may have an indoor mapping feature, NFC integrating with Passbook App for storing store cards, tickets and coupons integrating with NFC. It will have a smart bezel and may have a quad-core Apple A7, using ARM Cortex A15-based cores, or update A6. The iPhone 6 also may have iOS 7 and be made out of plastic and cheaper, with a release date of June 2014.


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