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Mad Men Season 7 SPOILERS: What Will Happen With Don And Megan Draper? Will Jessica Pare Leave The Show?


The Season 6 finale of “Mad Men” left us with many burning questions for Season 7.

Don and Megan Draper’s marriage has been in trouble for all of Season 6, but the Season 6 finale had Megan realize just how little she means to Don after he put her career in jeopardy by telling her they were moving to California, causing her to quit her job, and then changing his mind.

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“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner talked to Vulture about the Season 6 finale and what’s next for Megan Draper.

When asked if Megan has a future on the show, Weiner responded, “Well, I mean, it certainly looks bad, and she does say, ‘I can’t take this right now.’”

“But what is she?” he added. “I think there's just a moment of realization that Jessica [Paré] just hit out of the park. We were talking about the scene [and she asked], ‘Is this a tearful experience?’ No, it's angry. Where she looks at [the situation] and she realizes, Oh, my god, I have been helping someone who is really not looking out for my best interests.

“And she's the most modern character on the show to me. She really is. I love that her job is so important to her and I love that she is sort of skating the traditional wife thing.

“She is not Betty Draper, or Joan, or even Peggy in terms of her concept of what the traditional wife is. So for me, it was literally just like the partners putting Don on leave. At a certain point, [everyone's] like, ‘Really? Forget it.’ And that's what her use of profanity is about also. I think that that's the first time we've heard a woman say that on the show.”

Weiner added that viewers shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

“We have no idea when we're coming back in the story. And my take on it is: I haven’t really thought about it,” he said.

“All I can say is, when Don divorced Betty, everybody thought that we'd never see her again. No matter whether they're in California or not, these characters are part of our story.”

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