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‘Elementary’ Season 2 Spoilers: Meeting Sherlock’s Dad, Johnny Lee Miller on Show’s Direction and Working with Natalie Dormer


Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in "Elementary"
(Photo : Facebook/Elementary) Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in 'Elementary'

We recently reported that the next season of "Elementary" will premiere in London, Sherlock's old stomping ground.

This will give Joan Watson a chance to check Sherlock out in a more natural habitat. and it's quite likely that Sherlock will be even more of a handful than usual.

Now, we also hear that it's quite possible that the duo will run into Sherlock's father in London, as per Carter.

Rob Doherty said, "Right now, I don't think it's an immediate concern and ... I'm not being coy ... The London episode might be the perfect time to meet Sherlock's dad and get a better sense of him and his relationship with his son."

Since Sherlock is going to have to face his past in London, it makes sense for family-related issues to come up at that time.

We are wondering if Mycroft, Sherlock's brother, as written by Conan Doyle, will show up as well. 

Mycroft has a pretty regular role in BBC's "Sherlock" but has yet to make an appearance on "Elementary."

Johnny Lee Miller also spoke a little bit about the show and how he trusted the direction that the showrunners were taking it in, as per Carter.

"I trust [Rob and] those guys. You can relax, and you can know that you're going to have good material. They do that job much better than I could. I know they've got characters up their sleeves, that they've done good groundwork with bringing characters in and I think we have a solid foundation."

As for the finale where Sherlock met his nemesis, Moriarty, who turned out to be the same person as Irene Adler, Miller said, "The scene with Irene when he finds out she's Moriarty, that was difficult for us, because we really wanted it to be real. When you're trying to juggle all of that, you want to do things realistically. So that was challenging. And also, it was a long scene, but Natalie is fantastic so that made it a lot easier for me."

We loved that whole part of season 1, once Natalie Dormer as Irene/Moriarty appeared on the scene. 

Miller's acting immediately shot up from good to great in the course of a few episodes, and we're hoping to see more drama of the same sort in season 2.


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Jun 26, 2013 04:10 PM EDT