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'The Big Bang Theory' Season 7 SPOILERS: Raj Becomes a Player? Hints Multiple Love Interests, Penny and Leonard Grow More Serious, Episode 1 Air Date Revealed [VIDEO]



More "Big Bang Theory" season 7 spoilers emerged as fans gear up for another season of characters such as Raj, Penny and Leonard.


It was sad to see Lucy break it off with Raj [Kunal Nayyar] in the season 6 finale, "The Bon Voyage Reaction" because he tried to get her to meet all his friends, but it ended up overwhelming her. But it's a good thing he can talk to women now when he's sober, which came from "him falling in love [with Lucy] as opposed to 'let's get him to a psychiatrist or on medicine and give him these weird side effects,'" executive producer Steve Molaro said.

Speculation from everyone said that Raj and Lucy could get back together in season 7, but another report is saying that he could end up being a player.

Nayyar revealed a tiny teaser on the MMVA red carpet for all Raj fans: "Good luck, women." said that Raj will not be able to shut up now that he can talk.

"One of the major stories involving his character at this point could be that just because he now knows how to talk to women, it won't mean that he'll be any good at it, and there will be a steep learning curve if he ever hopes to find love," the report said. Which means maybe there will be one or more love interests in season 7.

Penny and Leonard

Leonard [Johnny Galecki] and Penny's [Kaley Cuoco] relationship is now more stable than ever, and that's mainly because Leonard now has a sense of comfort while trapped on a boat away from Penny, said.


Penny and Leonard are a-okay in season 7, but the writers could also give a little twist.
Penny and Leonard are a-okay in season 7, but the writers could also give a little twist.

Johnny Galecki told Gold Derby that a few simple words did the trick.


"It took her more than five years to say it. That's why now you know with Penny that whatever she does is real," Galecki said. "You know when she said it she truly meant it. That's why now Leonard is OK with going away and knowing that they're going to be OK."

The couple showed their growth when Leonard told Penny about his new job. Sheldon [Jim Parsons] was jealous but Penny enthusiastically supported it, according to

TV Fanatic said that the "Biggest Improvement" was Penny and Leonard's relationship getting comfortable, especially after her being back-and-forth with Leonard and question the relationship in "The Decoupling Fluctuation" episode.

According to, fans will get more spoilers at the 2013 Comic-Con event on July 19 in San Diego, California at "The Big Bang Theory" panel. Producers Molaro and Bill Prady, along with the writers, will be there to dish on some things.

CBS also just announced that "Big Bang Theory" would premiere on Thursday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. CT.

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