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'NCIS: LA' Spoilers Season 5: Kensi and Deeks Romance Heats Up? Season 4 Finale Kiss Hints Dramatic Episodes to Come, Could Meet Kensi's Ex-Fiance Jack



New spoilers emerged for "NCIS: Los Angeles" season 5 after the season 4 finale, and it really involved Kensi and Deeks

A lot of talk has been around the couple who shared a kiss in the season 4 finale.

It happened when Kensi [Daniela Ruah] and Deeks [Eric Christian Olsen] were undercover for an operation and Kensi was ranting on about his communication skills, but Deeks shut her up with a kiss and said, "How's that for communication?"

TV Fanatic even titled it the "best kiss" of season 4 besides Eric and Nell's mistletoe kiss in the "Free Ride" episode.


It looks like Kensi and Deeks are a fan-favorite couple for
It looks like Kensi and Deeks are a fan-favorite couple for "NCIS: LA"

Fans are now speculating that the two will go further in the next season and things will get more serious, but it may not happen like that.


Executive producer Shane Brennan cautions viewers not to make too much of the liplock, according to TV Guide. "It wasn't a candlelit dinner," he said. "It was almost a challenge that he threw down to her. I think it surprised both of them." But Deeks may feel differently about the kiss after his brush with death, the report said.

The Examiner said that they wouldn't be surprised if things "ended up being one of those 'brush aside, pretend it never happened' situations, to be addressed again at a later time," but you never know.

Also in the season 4 finale, fans had to suffer while watching Deeks and Sam [LL Cool J] being captured and tortured. Then the finale went off saying, "To be continued..."


"NCIS: LA" season 5 spoilers emerged.

TV Fanatic said that they hope "Deeks and Sam are rescued without any permanent psychological or physical damage.  And, Quinn is saved by Kensi. No deaths when the show returns."


They also hope that "Deeks doesn't break and protects Quinn [Aunjanue Ellis]. And, then Sam gives him the grandest, most sincere apology for treating him poorly and questioning his loyalty and worthiness to the team. Either way, Deeks risked his life and was submitted to torture for saving Sam's life."

We could also meet Jack, Kensi's ex-fiance, in season 5.

According to the Examiner, Brennan said, "Yes" when asked if "NCIS: LA" will ever introduce him.

"I answered you pretty quickly, so perhaps it's something we're already thinking about," he added.

Maybe we will see this on the highly anticipated 100th episode of "NCIA: LA," which is the fifth episode of season 5.

"I already know what the last episode is for next year!" Brennan teased to TV Line.

He also said that while the episode "may play with the show's format a little," it will for certain "kick off an arc that runs right through the end of the season," which he also said will be a "watershed" one for both Deeks and Callen [Chris O'Donnell].

Are you excited for "NCIS: LA," returning to CBS this fall? Sound off below!


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