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'Grease Live' Showrunner Marc Platt Talks 'Grease' Success, Gaffe's, Follow Up To Fox Musical?


Grease Live!
(Photo : Fox) "Grease Live" was a ratings hit for Fox and required hundreds of people to keep the production on task. Associate Director Carrie Havel uploaded a bdhind-the-scenes video to Facebook to show everyone how it all went down in the control room.

"Grease Live" showrunner Marc Platt is still basking in the success of his attempt at reinventing live theater on television. Does he have a follow-up plan to top his Fox success with the musical starring Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, and Vanessa Hudgens?

According to an interview posted by Deadline, Platt revealed that he was pleased with not only the end result of the production, but the dedication of its leading actors as well.

Producer Marc Platt said he wanted the show to be "family friendly" with an "appropriate edge" and he certainly seemed to have kept to the former.

"When Grease came to me, I thought I could stretch the medium by creating a language that took advantage of theater, film, and television," said Platt to Deadline.

"What we intended was an organic fusion of the experiences I've had as a producer," the producer explained of the process.

 "Our source material being from both stage and film, we were taking the language of stage musicals and the cinematic language of film and making it specific to, what is for me the unique medium of live television," Platt shared.

Platt realized how unique the medium was quickly on the day of the live broadcast when El Nino drenched the area with pounding rains and howling winds. The powers-that-be, including Platt, scrambled to find alternative ways to make the existing production work despite the bad weather.

This meant some quick revisions to the opening of the show on the Warner Bros back lot.

"The sky was black and the wind was blowing," said Platt to Deadline. "We were prepared as best we could, but it was nerve-wracking behind the camera."

But there were other unforeseen, or rather seen-by-the-audience circumstances that Platt was equally worried about during the broadcast.

"There was a golf cart - you could actually see it, if you watch the telecast, you might not have noticed it - but it actually drove up on the curb and almost tilted over," Platt told The Wrap.

"When we saw that, there was a gasp in the truck. We held our breath for about three-and-a-half seconds. Thankfully it righted itself," he revealed.

There was also a point during the big group dance number "The Hand Jive" that the sound went out.

"I think I heard it was in the transmission, I'm not sure," he said. "It was thankfully corrected rather quickly. I'm not certain of the exact, technical reason it went down," Platt explained.

"Grease Live" scored 12.2M viewers for its live telecast.



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Feb 11, 2016 10:24 AM EST