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Skins Season 7 SPOILERS: Lily Loveless And Kathryn Prescott Talk Naomi And Emily, Naomily Reunited In 'Skins Fire'? Where Is Emily?



As the July 1st premiere of “Skins” season 7 draws nearer, the stars are beginning to talk to the media about returning to the roles that made their careers - revealing some spoilers in the process.

Lily Loveless and Kathryn Prescott have spoken to Fiasco magazine about their characters Naomi and Emily, who form fan favorite couple “Naomily.”

Loveless and Prescott will appear in “Skins Fire,” the episode focusing on Effy (Kaya Scodelario). Naomi (Loveless) now rooms with Effy, and the two have become close friends.

Kaya Scodelario has said that the episode will focus on Effy’s and Naomi’s friendship, but until now we had no idea of how Emily fit in.

Now, Kathryn Prescott has revealed the missing piece: Emily isn’t living with Effy and Naomi not because she and Naomi have broken up, but because she is in New York.

“My character is just guesting because she’s gone off to New York to do a photography internship, which I can relate to cos I do photography myself,” Prescott said. “When we last saw her she was in college but now she’s come into her own a bit.”

This explains why Emily and Naomi aren’t living together in the new season – but are they still dating when the season begins, or have they split up in the years between the last time we saw them in Season 4 and Season 7 We’ll have to wait and see.

Loveless and Prescott both talked about what it was like to return to “Skins” and what audiences can look forward to.

“I think it’s nice for people who like the characters to get closure. It’s nice to see them grown up and sort of away from the college and Bristol,” Loveless said.

“When I was filming – it was a different city, different crew and it was on location – so I was going, this feels very weird,” Prescott said. “It doesn’t feel like the same show, which is what they were going for. I quite like it cos Skins is about being in the present and being a young adult, and the good thing about these mini-films is that they show that there are consequences."

“Even when you’re 16 that has a knock on effect about how you live your life in your 20s. And some people can change the way they live and others stick to the same patterns."

“Everyone I know who’s in their early 20s, like we are in the series, doesn’t really know what they’re doing and is worried about life, and I think that really shows in this series,” she added.

“It’s about finding themselves as adults and not just doing whatever they want as kids.”

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