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'Suits' USA Season 3 Premiere SPOILERS: Mike and Rachel Get Serious After Bombshell? First 3 Episodes Revealed, CLIPS Unveil Harvey Done With Mike and Jessica


There will be a whole lot going on in "Suits" season 3, and we have the best spoilers to get you ready.

Mike and Rachel

Rachel now knows the truth about Mike, which was revealed in the season 2 finale.


Rachel and Mike could get serious in the new next season.
Rachel and Mike could get serious in the new next season.

Rachel actress Meghan Markle revealed to TVLine said that the new couple is trying to "navigate a relationship."


"There is an episode that is sort of like Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, where Mike comes to the Zane household, which will be pretty great to shoot." Rachel, meanwhile, is still coming to terms with Mike's big Harvard bombshell. "It's a lot to take in," Markle acknowledges.

It was also have an impact on Rachel and Donna's [Sarah Rafferty] relationship.

:And also, you have to think, Donna knew about it, so that really challenges Rachel and Donna's friendship, that she wouldn't reveal that to her. This season is a lot of Rachel trying to determine who has been truthful with her and if she can forgive them."


What will happen between Donna and Rachel?
What will happen between Donna and Rachel?


Harvey and Mike and Jessica

Besides being introduced to Jessica's mother [read more here], Harvey [Gabriel Macht] may abandon Jessica [Gina Torres] and the film for another company, according to Zap2it.


Jessica [R] and Harvey [L]
Jessica [R] and Harvey [L]

From the season 2 finale, things are extremely bad between Harvey and Mike.


"Their loyalty has been completely destroyed," Macht told ET Online. "And in the first episode, Harvey lets Mike go. He's done with him. Yes, Mike asks for forgiveness but Harvey doesn't want any of it. He doesn't want the drama, he doesn't want to trust in him anymore."


What will happen between Mike and Harvey on season 3 of
What will happen between Mike and Harvey on season 3 of "Suits?"

"It's a big deal that this trust has been broken, so Mike spends a lot of time in the first few episodes trying to figure out how to say he's sorry -- but, at the same time, he no longer wants to be the puppy dog he was for the first two years," Adams said. "He's trying to embrace the man he's become, so he needs to figure out how to say sorry and become a team again while still being a man."


Torres teased that, "the first three episodes have already established some seriously game-changing moments, so, we'll see."

Other news includes "Game of Thrones" star Michelle Fairley getting a new recurring role in season 3 after being killed off in the hit HBO series.

Also, SpoilerTV unveiled the titles of the first three episodes of "Suits" which are:

Episode 3.01 - The Arrangement
Episode 3.02 - I Want You to Want Me
Episode 3.03 - Unfinished Business

Hmm, what could they be about? You will just have to wait for the premiere of "Suits" on July 16 at 10 p.m. to find out!


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