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Kate Middleton Baby Bump Gender Unveiled? Due Date Close as Rumors Reveal Pregnant Duchess to Wear Bright Gucci to Last Event, Jennifer Lopez Praises Royal


Kate Middleton will be out of the spotlight for a while as her baby bump days are winding down, but as we try to figure out the gender, new rumors speculate that the Duchess may wear Gucci on her last engagement before birth.

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The Huffington Post reported that June 13 would mark her "last official solo engagement," where she is slated to christen a cruise ship, "Royal Princess," [which she is the Godmother of] before giving birth in July, which is her due date.

According to Marie Claire's Junior Fashion Editor Lucia Debieux, we may see the 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge dress her growing baby bump in something way different than we expect.

"Looking back over outfits Kate Middleton has worn through her pregnancy, I think she may surprise us all by dropping a new designer in the mix - but in the trusted A-line shape she's been favoring throughout," Debieux said.

"Maybe a piece from French designer Carven, who are well-known for their dresses - or a custom-made piece from Gucci, who had a lot of block colored A-line shapes at the S/S12 show," she added.

The magazine pointed out that Gucci's collection features bright, zingy cools in hot pinks, ocean shades of blue and green.

That will be interesting to see, but the Duchess is always looking fashionable, so we're not really worried about what she's going to wear!

Middleton and husband Prince William are expecting their child soon, and we are still itching to know what baby's gender is. Fellow pregnant star Kim Kardashian already revealed to the world that she and Kanye West are having a girl, but we see the royal didn't follow in her footsteps, so guess we have to wait and see.

Middleton recently received praise for how she's handling being pregnant by pop singer Jennifer Lopez.

"It's tough when you're pregnant," she told this week's Stylist Magazine, "but Kate handles it with a lot of grace and integrity and that's why she is what she is."

We are sure Middleton appreciates that compliment.

Do you think what Prince Harry's unveiled boy gender news is true? Or you think Middleton is having a girl? Sound off below!

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