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Prince Harry Girlfriend Cressida Bonas Jealous Of Pippa Middleton, Asks Harry To Back Off; Break-Up Coming Soon, Will Harry And Pippa Date?


We’ve been reporting on Prince Harry’s rocky relationship with girlfriend Cressida Bonas, and here’s the latest news.

Now magazine reports that Cressida, 24, has annoyed Harry, 28, by asking him to cool off his friendship with Pippa Middleton, 29. The pair have been flirty before and Pippa’s boyfriend, Nico Jackson, is said to have asked Pippa to back off.

“Nico [Jackson, Pippa’s boyfriend] adores Pippa but her flirting’s off the scale,” a source said earlier this year. “She often texts Harry with saucy jokes, suggesting they meet up.”

“They’ve had some big rows about it,” the source continued. “Nico’s asked her to tone it down.”

Cressida has also asked Harry to cool his friendship with his best friend, party planner Guy Pelly. Cressida sees Guy as a bad influence.
Cresisda also reportedly doesn’t want to be seen as a “trophy wife,” which Prince Harry anticipated.

“You ain't ever going to find someone who's going to jump into the position that it would hold,” he said earlier this year. “Simple as that.”

The pair may be on the verge of a breakup, especially since two sets of scandalous photos of Cressida have been leaked to the media – partying photos and a bikini modeling photo, both several years old.

“Cress has now quietly hired an adviser to help navigate her way through all the attention surrounding her. She doesn’t want to be photographed at events right now,” a source said.

“She was very hurt and saddened by pictures of her drinking shots which emerged recently in a magazine, which were unfairly compared to Sarah Ferguson, who is a family friend. It was incredibly embarrassing and cruel. She was at university – who doesn’t drink shots at university?”

“Whether it works out between them or not, Harry will always adore Cressida and he is very protective of her. He would have been mortified that such a cheap comparison was made,” another soruce said.

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