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Kanye Delivery Room: West Refuses to Be There for Pregnant Kim Kardashian During Birth? Here's What We Know About Baby Bump Dilemna vs Kris Jenner



The recent Kanye delivery room news is leaving fans and pregnant Kim Kardashian in a bunch as rumors say that West will not be present during his girlfriend's birth.

According to Entertainment Wise, In Touch magazine reported that the 35-year-old rapper will be at the hospital but not in the delivery room.

"He won't physically be in the delivery room," a source said, adding, "He's very squeamish and doesn't want to be around blood.

The source continued that the very pregnant 32-year-old reality star was "left devastated," adding, "This is Kim's worst nightmare."

West and Kardashian are expecting their first child together in July due date.

Kardashian hasn't really had it easy ever since she revealed her pregnancy news last year. From criticism of her weight gain to her baby bump fashion, now she has to deal with "feeling torn" between her boyfriend's wishes or her mother Kris Jenner.

Jenner wants to sell the first baby pictures to make more money for her daughter.

"Kris has always been in charge of Kim's life, starting with the sex tape, and now she wants to make sure she makes as much money as possible off the baby," a source told Radar Online.

"Kim has always relied on her mom to give her the best advice, but now she's struggling because Kanye wants to make sure that they don't overexpose their baby," the source added. "She trusts Kris, and knows that she is only trying to help Kim, but she loves Kanye too and wants to be an equal partner with him rearing their daughter."

"Kim has been telling her friends that she's really stressed about everything," the source said.

We bet.

At least we know that West is not cold-hearted. He wants to the best for his girlfriend and baby while they have to stay in the hospital.

Hollywood Life reported that the couple will be paying over $3,000 a day on a deluxe birthing suite as Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It includes a full-size bathtub, a separate sitting room, and a flat-screen TV. She is reportedly staying at least three days after all, so it makes sense (we guess).

"That's going to be a big day for them and they want it to be extra special and perfect," a source said. "They want everything to go on without a hitch! It's their first child together, and it's an intense time for Kim especially, but Kanye is nervous too. Even though he's excited for the baby, it hurts him to see Kim in all types of pain. He just wants everything to go smoothly for her."

What do you think of West not wanting to be in the delivery room? Sound off below!

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