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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Carl Grimes to 'Be' the Governor? Season 3 Finale Hints Rick 'Startling Change,' Episode 4 Details [VIDEO]



"The Walking Dead" season 4 is coming along as spoilers emerge about Rick and Carl Grimes relationship as well as episode 4.

According to Wetpaint, Carl is not happy to see Team Woodbury join Team Prison (we saw this at the end of season 3) and he's changing dramatically.

"Carl's changing. It's a huge wake-up call for Rick and it's a big fear for him moving into next season," said co-executive producer Denise Huth said. Is Carl going to be Rick or is Carl going to be The Governor? And right now Carl could go either way."

Rick [Andrew Lincoln] will have a bigger responsibility in the new AMC season 4 hit show.

"We will be getting into more world-building, more civilization being brought back, a little bit more of a bigger sense of community," said comic book writer Robert Kirkman. "Rick has a lot more people to look out for, he's going to need a lot more resources. It'll also be an incredible burden to maintain, to make it a functioning society."

"The Walking Dead" season 4 will go into more detail about Rick and Carl Grimes' changing relationship.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd added, "What's going to happen as these two groups who were literally at war with each other moments before, how are they going to integrate?" Yes, that's what fans are thinking too.

Spoilers emerged for "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 4.04.

Spoiler TV reported that episode 4 is titled "Indifference" and a thin, friendly 20-something man and woman are being cast.

"The scripts this season are just amazing. The sets are crazy. It feels like we've shot about three movies already," Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus told Sirius XM radio recently. "It's super intense, and everything's for a specific reason, and it's great right now."

We agree that this season will definitely be intense, especially with things between Rick and Carl.

Remember that Carl [Chandler Riggs] told Hershel that he feels his dad is unstable and should pass on the leadership to someone else, so we can already see their relationship changing.

"I will say that the dynamic between Rick and Carl is going to be a central focus of the season, and it is going to change in some startling and interesting ways," Kirkman said before.

Fans also speculated that Carl would end up killing the Governor.

What do you think will happen with Carl and Rick in season 4? Sound off below!


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