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'Revenge' ABC Season 3 Spoilers: Jack and Emily to Rekindle Romance? Season 2 Finale Hints Charlotte May Keep Declan's Baby


Fans are patiently waiting for season 3 of ABC's "Revenge" as we dish some spoilers about Jack and Emily as well as Charlotte Grayson.

As we all know (if you don't, we wouldn't recommend reading further!], Emily revealed her true identity as Amanda Clarke to Jack Porter right when he was about to kill Conrad Grayson for killing her brother Declan in season 2 finale of "Revenge."

Fans are speculating that Jack and Emily [Emily VanCamp] may get together because they have a common interest in getting revenge on the Grayson family, but it seems like it would be a long way to go for the childhood sweethearts.


Jack will not trust Emily now that she told him the truth.
Jack will not trust Emily now that she told him the truth.

"I think he's going to be hurt and not trust her," Nick Wechsler, who plays Jack, told TV Guide. "She's got to earn his trust back. If he does team up with her, it's only because they have a common enemy, not because she's out of the doghouse."


Wetpaint said that's fair because "Emily's lies are responsible for Jack's marriage, baby, and the loss of his wife. She's a little too close to the death of his brother and basically everything in Jack's life that's bad."

And it would be good that Jack and Emily start over so "they can rekindle their romance with a clean slate."

What about Charlotte Grayson? She is carrying Declan's baby and when the news hits her that the father of her unborn child is dead, "We can only assume her reaction will be even worse than ours," Wetpaint said.


Will Charlotte Grayson keep Declan's baby?
Will Charlotte Grayson keep Declan's baby?

The report said that Charlotte [played by Christa B. Allen] will most likely go through with her pregnancy "in order to continue Declan's dynasty," but there is a possibility that she could sink into depression.


In terms of overall season 3 spoilers, Henry Czerny, who plays Conrad Grayson in the ABC series, told TV Guide that new executive producer Sunil Nayar promised to "get back to the core characters and focus less on the shenanigans."

What do you think will happen to Charlotte, Jack and Emily? Sound off below!

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