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'Star Wars Episode 7' Spoilers: New 'Force Awakens' Trailer Confirms Han Solo Death Rumors?


Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens
(Photo : Disney) Is Han Solo really going to die in the new "Star Wars" movie? The latest teaser trailer suggests he might...

There's at least one person in "Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens" who has major beef with villain Kylo Ren (Adam Driver): Stormtrooper turned good guy Finn (John Boyega). A new teaser trailer for the film has been released, featuring the already iconic shot of Kylo Ren activating his red crossguard lightsaber in a dark, snowy forest, followed immediately by a shot of a purposeful (and angry-looking) Finn activating a blue lightsaber (most likely Luke Skywalker's) clearly taking place in the same forest.

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Interestingly, this fight was teased in the supposed script leaks we covered earlier this year, which means the leaks could very well be true — in which case Finn is fighting Kylo Ren to avenge the just-moments-before death of Han Solo (Harrison Ford):

Kylo Ren arrives, and Han confronts him in hopes of keeping the others safe and "talking him off the ledge." Kylo Ren is unmoved, and kills Han. Leia [Carrie Fisher] feels it instantly, Chewie roars in anguish, and he, Finn, and Rey are forced to take off without Han's body as everything around them begins to crumble.

Poe [Oscar Isaac] and his X-Wing squadron manage to destroy the Catapult, to the General's horror, while Kylo Ren takes off into the snowy forest. Finn and Rey give chase, and while Finn reaches him first and is able to hold his own in a lightsaber fight against the villain, Kylo Ren gains the upperhand. Just as he's about to kill Finn, Rey arrives and manages to defend her friend. The unstable ground gives way, though, and they're left hanging on a precipice. Kylo Ren leaves them to die, but Chewie swoops in with the Falcon and saves them.

As always, we must keep in mind that only parts or none of these rumored script leaks could be true, but it sure does seem like every time something new is revealed it lines up pretty well with them.

Catch up on the latest "Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens" news HERE, check out the trailer below, and be sure to catch the film when it hits theaters December 18, 2015.


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Aug 27, 2015 01:54 PM EDT