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Stewart Pattinson Split: Back Together Again Already? How Robert Hints Kristen is Still His, Couple is 'Crazy in Love, Just Another Bump in Road'


While everyone is talking about the Stewart Pattinson split, we are focusing on the positive part: the pair will get back together sooner than we thinks.

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This all started because a source told People magazine that the popular "Twilight" pair broke up again (they broke up the first time because of Stewart's cheating scandal).

"They again went from spending every second together, to spending more time apart at their separate houses," the source said. "Kristen has been in a terrible mood, and it was obvious that things were not great with Rob. It was very strange that they didn't celebrate Rob's birthday together. He had friends over at his house, but Kristen was not part of the celebration. For the past few days, they have not spent any time together."

But the source also said that "it would not be surprising if the one-and-off again pair got back together again."

It's bittersweet news for Robsten fans, but there seems to be hope for the two. After all, they have been dating since 2008.

Reports started going wild of a split happening soon because Kristen Stewart didn't show up to celebrate Robert Pattinson's 27th birthday on May 13.

According to Hollywood Life, on the day of the "Cosmopolis" actor's birthday, Stewart was spotted at a friend's house in a heated conversation on the phone with Pattinson, reportedly. Then, she and her friend drove to another friend's house, where they ended up talking in the car for almost 45 minutes.

Not good news at all.

But we also believe that Edward and Bella will get back together if not now, then in the near future.

IBTimes put together a list of "5 Ways Robert Pattinson STILL Loves Kristen Stewart."

That list included the fact they are "still very much together" because Pattinson did not move out and they are still living together. Another reason is that Pattinson is remaining quiet about the break-up issue, while another reason is that the pair is still very much in love.

"But "they'll be fine. I do not foresee a split, they are just crazy in love," a source said. "This is just another bump in the road."

Do you think the Stewart Pattinson split is for good? Sound off below!


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