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Prince Harry Girlfriend 2013: Secret Date With Chelsy Davy; ‘He’s Determined To Win her Back’; It’s Over With Cressida Bonas; Harry’s Baby Fever



Prince Harry has been reportedly on the brinks of a break-up with girlfriend Cressida Bonas, but new reports say that the breakup has already happened and Harry is planning a secret date with his ex Chelsy Davy!

Celebrity Fix reports that Prince Harry, 28, ended his relationship with Cressida Bonas, 24, “a few weeks ago” and that he is already back in touch with his ex and “true love,” Chelsy Davy.

“Harry had fun with Cressida but it was never as serious as people made out,” a source said. “She’s far too young for him and busy focusing on her dance career.

“They’ve called it quits and Harry’s been calling Chelsy every day, telling her he still loves her and she’ll always be his soul mate.”

Harry reportedly plans to visit Chelsy Davy in her home in South Africa on May 16 and do his best to win her back.

Davy reportedly still loves Harry too but doesn’t want to join the royal family and be submitted to the intense public scrutiny and new responsibilities.

“Chelsy feels the same but she’s terrified of committing to the royal lifestyle,” the source said.

“She feels she simply hasn’t got the confidence to cope with the kind of scrutiny that Kate Middleton endures no a daily basis.”

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Chelsy Davy is worried about hiding her vices, like smoking and drinking, from the paparazzi. Davy also recently broke up with her boyfriend and is now single.

Harry and Chelsy are reportedly going to spend four to five days catching up and renewing their friendship – though Harry wants more.
“Harry’s going out there determined to win Chelsy back and persuade her to try again,” said the source.

“It’s a long shot and he knows being with him’s not like dating any other guy and he comes with a lot of baggage.

“But he wants to point out that Kate Middleton dose enjoy a certain level of privacy and Chelsy could too if she’ll agree to try.”

Celebrity Fix reports that Harry is “feeling broody” after spending time with his brother Prince William, 30, and his pregnant wife Kate Middleton, 31. He recently practiced changing a baby’s diaper on a visit to Headway, a charity in Nottingham that helps people with brain injuries, according to Parade.

“This is exactly how my brother is going to be,” Harry joked as he struggled to change a diaper one-handed, an exercise to help him understand the physical challenges that brain injuries present.

Harry has also been spotted bringing gifts for his niece- or nephew-to-be – the Daily Mail spotted him hand-delivering a teddy bear from a little girl fan of Kate’s.


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May 02, 2013 12:46 PM EDT