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Mad Men Season 6 SPOILERS: Episode 5, ‘The Flood’ TRAILER, Plot Revealed


After Mad Men’s fourth episode, "To Have And To Hold," aired last night, we’re looking ahead to the fifth. We have the trailer for the next episode, Season 6, Episode 5: “The Flood,” which will air next Sunday, April 28.


The trailer shows different “Mad Men” characters saying one-liners, avoiding showing any dialogue or conversation. It looks like “Episode 5” will feature a lot of SCDP star copywriter Michael Ginsberg, who’s had minimal screentime this season so far.

Ginsberg is given the first line in the trailer: “I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?” he says, before the camera switches to Don Draper.

“So, where’s our check?” Don says in another scene.

“I thought it would solve the whole thing,” Roger says in another, unrelated scene. He’s in the office – is he talking about a client?

“I don’t know why I’m so surprised,” we next hear Pete into a telephone as he stands alone in a dark room. Is he talking to his estranged wife, Trudy, who warned him to stay away from her after she discovered his affair with their neighbor?

“Forget about her,” Peggy says in another scene, sounding a little giggly – maybe even flirtatious?

“Don’t do anything stupid,” Peggy says again, in a different scene, as she looks down.

Next, we see Betty’s husband, Henry Francis, who we’ve seen very little of this season .“Everything’s fine,” he says, though it certainly doesn’t sound like it.

Then, we see a dolled-up Megan talking to Don. She's wearing a gold and red dress, heavy eye makeup, big hair and large gold earrings. “You can’t avoid her forever,” Megan tells Don, before giving him a sultry look and slinking off.

Then we see Pete Campbell again..“It’s disgusting,” he says to a person off-camera.

Michael Ginsberg has the final line, as well as the first: “I sure as hell didn’t arrange this,” he says in an aggressive voice.

We get two final shots before the trailer ends: Don shaking his head, and Betty sighing and putting her hand to her head. It looks like there may be trouble in the Francis household.

 We previously revealed the titles and summaries for episodes 5-8 – read them here.

Watch the Episode 5 trailer below:


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