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'Revenge' ABC Season 2 Spoilers: Charlotte Grayson the Main Character to Die? Finale 'Truth' Synopsis Revealed, Episode 19 New PHOTOS


While fans wait for the all-new episodes of ABC's "Revenge" season 2 starting April 28, spoilers reveal details on the two-hour season finale and photos.

SpoilerTV revealed a short synopsis for the season finale titled "Truth."

For Part 1: "A catastrophic moment changes everyone's lives."

For Part 2: "A heartbreaking death forces Emily to evaluate her quest for revenge."

With episode 19, titled "Identity," coming to fans on April 28, fans are beginning to wonder who will die in the season finale.

Christa B. Allen, who plays Charlotte Grayson, unveiled a photo of her last day on the "Revenge" season 2 set in L.A. last Thursday.


Christa B. Allen on her last day on the
Christa B. Allen on her last day on the "Revenge" set.

"#chocolate #rosé my girls know me! last day filming revenge romabliss xxxxxx," the 21-year-old actress wrote on her Instagram from hair and makeup.


The Examiner said that Charlotte is a likely candidate for the death of a main character "after continuing on a downward spiral of pills and bad choices. The image of Allen filming seems to suggest that she is upset with whoever she is talking to or what they are talking about." [SEE IMAGE]


"The death of Charlotte would have a significant impact on Emily, who also had to deal with the recent death of Amanda. Other possible major characters who could die include Charlotte's boyfriend Declan, Jack Porter, Ashley Davenport, Nolan Ross, Daniel Grayson, Conrad Grayson, Aiden Mathis, Victoria Grayson and even Emily Thorne," the report said.


Will Charlotte Grayson be the main character to die on the
Will Charlotte Grayson be the main character to die on the "Revenge" season finale?


"Revenge" series creator Mike Kelley told TVLine: "One of our core cast members will not survive the finale."

"Our audience will not have to wait to find out the identity of the person that didn't survive," he added. "We will let them know within the two hours."

"It'll be a surprise who it is - and it's certainly a surprise to Emily," he said.

Who do you think will die? Sound off below!

"Revenge" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. The two-hour season finale will air on May 12. 


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