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'The Carrie Diaries' Star AnnaSophia Robb Talks 80s Fashion, Curly Wigs, and Steamy Love Scenes



"The Carrie Diaries" finally premieres Monday night (January 14) on CW. The show's star AnnaSophia Robb takes on one of television's most iconic roles Carrie Bradshaw. Way before her days of wild love affairs, sex, and expensive designer shoes on HBO's hit drama "Sex and the City," Carrie was just an ordinary teenager with a love for fashion and a naive perspective on dating. The "Diaries" prequel gives us a background story on the fictional advice columnist and helps us understand how she developed her issues with men and how she became a New York City gal.

The Daily Beast caught up with Robb and asked her about her upcoming role. Check out the highlights below:

On learning Carrie Bradshaw's mannerisms:

"I loved watching [Sarah Jessica Parker's] performance, but I would never want to copy it. There are certain things you want to make sure appeal to [viewers] watching two completely different performances. There are so many people who are familiar with the character you want them to like her as much as they like the older Carrie."

On where she drew inspiration from for the iconic character:

"I talked a lot with Amy Harris, the show's creator, about her vision for the show, and I drew from the book. We talked a lot about the endpoint of the show, figuring out where Carrie is going, what sort of woman she's going to turn into. And I also brought myself into the role, spending time with the character and developing relationships with the cast members."

Did she get any advice from Sarah Jessica Parker?

"No advice, just encouragement."

On her hefty six-year contract:

"Before I auditioned, I had to sign a contract that said if I got the part I would be on the show for six years! That was kind of a mind-trip because when you do a film, it's three months of your life. It's a big deal but it's never like six years. But I felt this peace about it, and I prayed about it and I talked to my parents about it and my friends, and I just found myself really loving the character. I hadn't loved a character like this in a long time. Plus, I was watching "Sex and the City" before I went to sleep. It's so funny and edgy.

Will "The Carrie Diaries" be sexually explicit as SATC?

"Sex is definitely a main theme in the show because it's a main theme in life. It's what changes relationships and it's the age the characters are at. Carrie is having her first encounters with her friends and trying to figure out what [sex] means, what she wants. The show isn't nearly as explicit as "Sex and the City". I don't think my parents would have let me do it if it was!"

On her steamy love scenes:

"Those scenes are not all they're cracked up to be. They are very orchestrated; it's like choreography. They're not really exciting. I wish they were, but unfortunately they're not."

Will young Carrie have a string of lovers like her adult counterpart?

"Yes! I've had two thus far, and I'm a little worried to see how many they're going to throw at me. We'll see though; I'm just as curious as you are!"

Did she prepare to play a 80s teen?

"There wasn't really a lot of research. I think kids are probably the same through and through, it's just the technology that changes. But I think it's all a little bit more romantic then. I love calling people and leaving voice messages and answering the phone-it's just so much more personal. It's not a huge challenge, but it's a little bit funny. Like some of the cars I have to drive. The other day I had to parallel park this ginormous car from the 80's, and I haven't driven in a while because I don't have a car in the city, so I was really nervous."

On her experience working with costume designer Eric Daman:

"Eric's awesome! He's so humble and nonchalant and doesn't make a big deal about anything. But you really see his genius in the fittings when everything becomes so perfect. He's such a lovely, kind person. He really knows each of the characters, and he brings out their true colors. He helps us as actors because we might have an idea relating to a character, and he'll bring it to life with the clothing."

On her favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfit:

"All of them are pretty damn cute. I wear a lot of petticoats- Er, not petticoats, but tutus. Lots of tutus under dresses and skirts, lots of layers, colors, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets-Everything all the time, everywhere."

Will she have Carrie's famous curls?

"For the pilot they curled all my hair, but it takes about two hours. So for the sake of time, and saving my hair from frying off my scalp, we made a wig. So I have a wig and it's awesome, beautiful and very realistic. The directors can never tell it's a wig, so hopefully that means the audience won't be able to tell."

You can catch "The Carrie Diaries" Monday nights at 8pm ET on CW.


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Jan 14, 2013 05:43 PM EST