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Kim Kardashian's Curves Sell Better than Kate Middleton's Slim Shape, According to Fashion Designer Roland Mouret (PHOTO)



Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton have always been compared since Kardashian's "royal" fairytale wedding (although, her storybook romance ended in 72 days). Now that the two ladies are pregnant, they are being compared to each other more than ever before. When it comes to fashion, which style icon makes an ensemble more appealing - the Duchess of Cambridge or the queen of reality TV? According to renowned dress designer Roland Mouret, Kardashian's killer curves has his dresses flying off the racks compared to Middleton's more slender fit.

As posh and sophisticated the royal fashionista is you still have to admit Middleton doesn't quiet fill out a dress as lovely as Kardashian. There's something just so feminine about Kardashian's round hips, bum, and ample cleavage. Perhaps the fact that most women can relate to the reality star's non-thin figure can also be a reason to why her ensembles get a greater appeal.

This revelation does not discredit Middleton's amazing fashion sense. When there's a style tracker app made after your wardrobe, that's when you know you're a true trendsetter. Middleton's style choices, from her most casual jeans to her upscale evening dresses, have helped boost the sales of many brands and designers. However, Mouret admits that, for his brand, Kardashian has more selling power.

Mouret said the 31-year-old royal doesn't boost his sales like the 32-year-old reality TV businesswoman. "You don't see hundreds of women running around looking like her [Kate Middleton],"he told Telegraph. "To be honest, we're more likely to get orders on a dress that Kim Kardashian's worn."

The French designer also believes that Kardashian's openness and desire for media attention may also have something to do with her selling power. The Duchess' reserved and private style may have consumers view her style as admirable yet unattainable.

"[Middleton's] highly attuned to those details that will provoke a tabloid frenzy and above all, she does not want a tabloid frenzy," Mouret explained. "She doesn't seem to feel the need to dress sexily to woo the world. She's dressing for William and herself." To be fair, Kardashian dresses for her man, Kanye West, also (well, her man dresses her).

Unlike Kardashian who flaunts her famous assets, Middleton avoids skintight clothing and doesn't want to draw too much attention to her derrière. "She doesn't want a bottom situation like Pippa had," Mouret declared.

When it comes to dresses, we guess Kardashian wins this round. But, now that baby bumps are involved, let's see who'll have the best maternity wear style.

Source: (Daily Mail)


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Jan 09, 2013 06:08 PM EST