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Adriana Lima's Incredible Post-Baby Body - Her Weight Loss and Workout Secrets Revealed



Adriana Lima wowed everyone when she hit the Victoria's Secret runway on Wednesday night. The lingerie-clad new mom flaunted her flat abs and sexy tone legs just eight-weeks after giving birth.

Lima gave birth to her second child on September 12 and got herself back in impeccable shape in a matter of weeks - just in time for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Not many new moms can brave a teeny weeny bra and panty set. Kudos to the hot mama!

So how did Lima's incredible post-baby body transformation come about? Hardcore boxing workouts and a good nutritional diet. Lima's trainer, Michael Olajide Jr., told Celebuzz that the supermodel is just like any other new mom who wants to get rid of the extra baby weight. "Adriana's goal is the same as every healthy woman's, return to pre-baby shape. She sets the bar high," Olajide said.

The Victoria's Secret Angel got back her hot body by doing strenuous workouts. She spent three hours working out, twice a day and seven days a week. To prepare for the lingerie fashion show, Lima did boxing and jump rope - the exercises helped sculpt and tone her curves.

"Adriana goes above and beyond," Olajide said of his client "As a trainer you can only go as far as the individual you're training allows you to go. Adriana has a unique mind, an extremely high level of tolerance when it comes to physical discomfort. Some people are afraid to sweat and feel like their heart is going to jump out of their chest but Adriana's able to function in that atmosphere and that's why she's always at the top of her game. She's 100% professional."

Adriana Lima with her Trainer (Twitter: @AdrianaLima)
Adriana Lima with her Trainer (Twitter: @AdrianaLima)
Even when she's sweaty with no makeup, Adriana Lima is still a knock-out! (Twitter: @AdrianaLima)
Even when she's sweaty with no makeup, Adriana Lima is still a knock-out! (Twitter: @AdrianaLima)

Backstage at the fashion show, reporters asked the supermodel about her dieting and Lima said that she doesn't count calories and that she did not starve herself for the big show. "You need energy. You need, really, to eat. I wasn't really too much focused on the calorie counting at all," the Brazilian beauty said. Her trainer suggests that moms trying to shed the baby weight should, "cut sugars, eat as natural as possible, drink water, portion control and find a healthy hobby."

Lima wasn't the only post-baby supermodel on the Victoria's Secret runway. Lily Aldridge gave birth to her first child in June and Alessandra Ambrosio had a baby boy in May. Of course all the new moms looked stunning.

VS veteran Heidi Klum may be the queen of dramatic post-baby body transformation. Back in 2009, the sexy model famously hit the runway wearing a revealing corset just five weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.


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Nov 09, 2012 01:47 PM EST