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Carlos Santana: America Is A Beautiful County


At a press conference during his tour to India, Carlos Santana said that contrary to how television depicts America, it is a beautiful country

Carlos Santana is on his first ever tour to India. In a conference organized by DNA network, a representative of had the opportunity to listen to the legendary guitarist speak.

"I haven't come to India with an American flag to showcase my talent. I don't do that. I have come to bring not only the spirit of music, but also the spirit of spiritual triumph from America," said the man whose inclination towards spirituality is well-documented.

"It is not just Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi who can make a difference in the world. You, we, me can make difference in the world," said the musician.

When asked about what his take was on India, Santana said, "India is a land where since the 60s we've heard about its culture, spices and color. Christopher Columbus came to India for spices and this land so beautiful was open to many other."

Santana revealed what musicians do is not work and his heart is open to collaborate and share and learn music from anyone as long as the music is pure and good.

Santana once said, when he listens to a guitarist he's bored to death. The "Black Magic Woman" guitarist was quick to "crystallize" this statement saying, "When I listen to a person play the piano and its sounds like the piano, I don't like it. When I listen to a person play the guitar and its sounds like a guitar, I'm bored. But when I listen to a person play the piano and its sounds like life, I appreciate it. Similarly when a person plays the guitar and its sound like magic and life, I enjoy it."

Santana goes on to define melody as a female and rhythm as a male and they both go hand in hand and that's what makes music so beautiful. The Latin musician also revealed that as a child he's always been interested in Blues. He calls Blue music "pure" and "makes people connect."

Santana also revealed that he's love to play the violin but though it's a very beautiful instrument, it's very difficult to play and since Santana is into blues, the guitar is a better choice.


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Oct 26, 2012 07:44 AM EDT