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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's Family Love: Step Out for Brandi's Concert



Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth showed some family love, stepping out with her brother Trace for her sister Brandi Cyrus’ concert in West Hollywood Monday night.

Miley’s sister Brandi performed as a part of an indie-pop band Frank + Derol.
"They watched the show from the balcony and cheered the girls on," a source toldPeople Magazine .

Following the concert, Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of the venueTroubadour’s marquee.

"My sister Brandi killed it at her show tonight! So proud of her for going on this tour! 1st show was sold out! Good sign!" tweeted Trace.
"They watched the show from the balcony and cheered the girls on," a source toldPeople Magazine .

Just last month, Cyrus and Hemsworth were joined by her mother Tish and Brandi to support her father Billy Ray at his performance in West Hollywood.
The engaged duo seems to be in good terms with Cyrus family. The couple have also moved into her parents' home in San Fernando Valley last year.

"If Liam is traveling and I’m feeling creeped out, I can go to my parents’, or I’ll walk over there in the morning for coffee," Cyrus told Marie Claire.
"It’s really weird [sleeping] in my parents’ room. Now it’s my room, and Liam is at my dad’s sink and I’m at my mom’s. It’s really strange, but also really cool."

"The first time I ever met or hung out with Liam was here. When he first moved to America, he didn’t have any family here, so our family became his. This is where all our memories are being made," Miley Cyrus said.

It must be quite fun for “The Hunger Games” actor to stay around Cyrus family.
Last month, Miley Cyrus was asked by her little sister Noah for a humongous favor – bringing One Direction to the little girl’s 13-year-old birthday party.

While that sounds like the dream among all dreams for every teenage girl, Miley Cyrus didn’t quite take her little sister seriously.

The 19-year-old star tweeted a screenshot of Noah’s adorable plea on Friday.

"I'm literally obsessed with One Direction and I want them to be at my birthday party more than anything I told mom if I got them to be able to be at my birthday. I told her I wouldn't ask for anything else is there anything u could possibly do to at least try to get that to happen? Mom said she doesn't think that could happen and it will cost to much money but I love them so much," Noah requested her older sister, who was once Hollywood’s “It” girl.

Cyrus’s response? She laughed it off.

"Hahahahah! Are you kidding me?!??" Miley said.

Though her older sister may not have taken it too seriously, Noah has some time to wait until perhaps One Direction or their fans take notice and plan out some surprises.


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Oct 06, 2012 10:47 AM EDT