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Romney's 'Big Bird' Remark Goes Viral Following Presidential Debate


Mitt Romney's love for Big Bird was the highlight of Wednesday night's presidential debate, and will be remembered in history.

#BigBird started buzzing on Twitter just moments after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney mentioned the name of his beloved Sesame Street character at the first presidential debate of 2012.

Asked of his plan for the budget cut, Romney responded,
"I'm sorry Jim. I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm going to stop other things.

"I like PBS, I love Big Bird," he added.

Romney's "Big Bird" remark went viral in seconds, with Twitter stormed with 17,000 posts per minute mentioning Big Bird.

And minutes later, a Twitter account with the handle @BIGBIRD was created, according to The Daily Mail.

"WTF Mitt Romney... :(" was the first tweet on the account.
"Yo Mitt Romney, Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters F & U! #debates #SupportBigBird," @BIGBIRD tweeted later.

Someone also created @FireBigBird on Twitter, which, by Thursday morning, has garnered over 25,000 followers.

"I like being able to fire people... and large talking birds." -- Mitt Romney," @FireBigBird tweeted, interpreting Romney's remark in the debate with irony.

"'Birds of a feather, collect food stamps together - Mitt Romney," reads another tweet.

On Facebook, a page titled "Big Bird for President" was created, collecting over 6,500 likes by Thursday morning.

The Big Bird buzz is still alive, flooding Twitter with messages that criticize and mock Romney.

"I love Big Bird, but stop PBS. I love green energy, but stop funds. THE TRAGEDY OF MITT ROMNEY IS HE KNOWS HE WILL KILL EVERYTHING HE LOVES," a Twitter user said.

"Big Bird should moderate the next debate. "Tell me three things you would do as president, all beginning with the letter c," reads another tweet.

"I had a dream with Big Bird in it last night. Seriously. Definitely voting Obama," says a Twitter user, hinting that Romney may be losing votes due to this single remark. 

Well, let's hope that voters are more serious than that.  

Last year during his campaign in Iowa, Romney said he would not kill Big Bird.

"Big Bird is going to have advertisements, all right?" Romney said, according to The Daily Mail.
"And we're going to have endowments for the arts and humanities, but they're going to be paid for by private charity, not by taxpayers."


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Oct 04, 2012 09:45 AM EDT

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