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'The Blacklist' 2014 Season 2: The Top 5 Questions We Want Answered


'The Blacklist'
(Photo : Facebook) "The Blacklist" is a popular show on NBC. It will be on hiatus until Feb. 1, 2015.

NBC's series "The Blacklist" contains many unanswered questions. Some linger from the first season, while others were just brought up in the most recent mid-season finale. Will we receive answers in the post-Super Bowl episode?

1. Is Red actually Liz's father or not?

The question has been plaguing us all since last season. When Liz directly asked Red if he was her father, he simply said "No." But a lot of us don't believe him.

Megan Boone recently appeared on "Live with Kelly and Michael," and she talked about the show. Concerning the question of who Liz's father is, she said, "Once we find out, the series will be concluded."

Here's a snippet from the interview:

2. What type of relationship did Red and Tom have?

It shocked us all when the information came out that Red and Tom had some sort of deal or relationship that Liz never knew about. Did Red know all along that Tom was not who he claimed to be? And how long did the two work together — since the beginning?

3. What did Alan Fitch mean when he warned about the year 2017?

Right before the bomb hanging from his neck exploded, Fitch made comments hinting that something significant would happen in 2017. He said that his death would trigger events that would only worsen leading up to that year.

4. Were the scars on Red's back caused by Liz's childhood fire?

In the first season, Red was shown with his shirt off in a scene, and tons of scars were shown on his back. Many of us jumped to the conclusion that they were burn scars from the night of the fire during Liz's childhood. Was he the person who saved her from the fire? Here's what James Spader told Biography concerning the issue: 

"Elizabeth Keen has spoken of a memory of being in a fire when she was a child and somebody pulling her out of that fire. She may be assuming that it's her father, but we've never said whether it's her father or not."

5. What is the Fulcrum?

What is this mysterious object that Fitch mentioned before he died? He asked Red if he had it, but Red never directly answered. He may not have it, but Entertainment Weekly says that Red may be setting his sights on getting it in the future. EW also revealed that Liz may actually have a connection to it —whatever it is. 

"The Blacklist" returns Sunday, Feb. 1, after the Super Bowl on NBC.


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Dec 09, 2014 12:23 PM EST