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Kate Middleton Smoking Cigarette in Topless Photos: Perfect Princess Image Collapses


Kate Middleton was spotted smoking, according to the now infamous Closer magazine which published topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The topless photo scandal was humiliating enough to the royal princess who has portrayed a perfectly elegant image, but as long as it ended there, Kate Middleton could have stayed as a tragic victim of overzealous paparazzi.

But Middleton was also caught smoking cigarettes in the scandalous photos published by the French magazine.

Amidst pregnancy rumor, Kate was also seen smoking a cigarette as the royal couple walked out of Marseille airport, according to Closer.

Prior to her marriage to Prince William, Middleton was a closet smoker for years, a habit she had reportedly ditched.

If the recent rumors on Kate’s baby bump prove to be true, the Duchess would be smoking in the early stage of her pregnancy.

While Kate Middleton’s pregnancy rumor has been overshadowed by her topless photo scandal, the Duchess made headlines when she turned down wine during a seven course Chinese course in the Banquet Hall at the official residence of the Singaporean president last week, according to The Daily Beast.

It is quite unusual for the Duchess to make toasts to the Queen twice with water, raising speculations that the royal couple is finally awaiting an heir.
Some sources support the pregnancy news.

"Friends say Kate is convinced it's happened, and while she and William are keeping the news close to the vest, they're delirious with joy," a source told Star magazine.

“A woman can always tell when the earliest signs appear, and it’s believed that a passionate night together at their rented country house on an estate in Wales, just after the end of the London Olympics, did the trick.”

"It would be formally through the palace press office, but only after the royal gynecologist is absolutely convinced that Kate is in peak condition," said the source.

“William sits in a very open position. Both she and her Prince have genuine smiles as they gaze at each other. Even after a year, it appears the honeymoon is still on,” body language expert Linda Talley told Hollywood Life about the royal duo's ecstatic time at the Olympics.

The layers of controversy stirred by Closer magazine is certain to taint the fairytale princess image of Kate Middleton.


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Sep 16, 2012 06:58 PM EDT

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