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Psy Brings 'Gangnam Style' to TODAY, Coaches Britney Spears and Reveals All to Ryan Seacrest [VIDEOS]



Psy’s Gangnam Style is spreading like a wildfire, and it is a matter of time for the horse-riding dance to take over the world.

The 34-year-old Korean rapper’s “Gangnam Style” has gone viral on the web, garnering over 170 million views on its Youtube channel.
And the dance is just everywhere now.

Most recently, Psy appeared on TODAY show, driving the whole TODAY plaza into the hilarious dance on Friday.

“I realized today that you can see all the beautiful people here,” Psy said, seeing the overwhelming crowd gathered to meet him in New York City.
“So exciting.”

“I didn’t expect that at all. I just unloaded this video only for the Korean viewers in YouTube and suddenly, within 60 days, I’m here,” PSY told Savannah Guthrie on TODAY.
"Up early. Too early. Ready to bring #gangnamstyle to new york city and the @todayshow," Psy tweeted his excitement Friday.

Watch the “Gangnam Style” takeover on TODAY show:

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Earlier this week, another high-profile fan of Gangnam Style has mastered the dance, through the direct tutorial given by Psy.

Britney Spears, wearing her six-inch pumps, broke into “Gangnam Style” when Ellen DeGeneres brought Psy to coach them the dance on her afternoon talk show.

DeGeneres did not miss Spears' Twitter message from two weeks ago that asked someone to teach her the sensational hit "Gangnam Style."
“I am LOVING this video,” Britney Spears tweeted off the infamous music video for "Gangnam Style," adding,
“Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?!”

“You tweeted out that you want to learn that dance, right? So I got somebody here to teach you that dance,” Ellen DeGeneres said to Spears, who seemed shocked and delighted to see Psy appear as he burst into "Gangnam Style" dance.

“By the way, can I introduce myself? Not just dancing?” Psy said, turning to the audience.

“I’m Psy from Korea. How are you?”

The talk show host asked Spears to take off her shoes, only to be stopped by Psy.

“No, this is fine,” Psy responded, adding,

“The mindset of this dance is: ‘Dress classy, and dance cheesy.’”

Last week, Ryan Seacrest in his “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” extracted some of the unknown factors in Psy’s life.
On his overnight breakout, Psy said, “I’m walking down the street like: ‘Why I’m here? Why I’m here?’ I’ve done this 12 years in Korea and I’m rookie here now."

“I was at Berklee College of Music in Boston, but I’ve been a freshman for 4 years,” Psy told Seacrest.
“Class was too early for me.”

The global sensation is actually a father of twins!

“I have twins,” Psy said.

“They are born October 1st, so they are 4-years. 2007 October 1st. So, they are 4-years old in United States and they are 6-years old in Korea.” So, do the kids know that their dad is a huge star? “They know the word concert. So, they know father’s job is concert. They prefer concert than father.”

On the fashion side of “Gangnam Style,” Psy described it with his signature statement.

“Especially for ‘Gangnam Style’ I try to dress as classy and dance cheesy. I want that kind of twist and that kind of contrast,” Psy said, explaining the reasoning behind.

“In Korea, July is really hot and economics not good. So, as a 12-year-old entertainer my only job was to make people laugh.”

Behind the crazy dance is a somewhat more noble background, rooted in certain facts of Korea’s geography and culture.

“Gangnam is a certain territory in Korea, the spot is noble in daytime and going crazy at nighttime. So, I just described about a lady and gentleman who’s noble at daytime and going crazy at nighttime. PSY explains. You may have noticed that the only recognizable English lyrics in the song are “sexy lady.” So, why did PSY choose to use a little bit of English? “Because I cannot find any other words…sexy lady is sexy lady,” Psy explained.


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