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Robert Pattinson Doesn't Want To Date Anyone Right Now



Robert Pattinson is not yet ready to date anyone after former girl friend Kristen Stewart cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders.

After the scandalous affair of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders, sources confirm to that Pattinson is not yet ready to start dating again. The soruce tells the website, "Rob doesn't want to date anyone; he wants to put all his effort into his work. He is eager to be on set and away from all the hoopla."

Stewart on the other had is hoping and praying that things return to normal and Pattinson takes her back. A source tells "Kristen is clinging onto the belief that Robert will eventually forgive her for the cheating scandal and they will get back together. She doesn't want to even picture the idea of Robert meeting someone else, despite her recent flirtation with James Franco, because it fills her with dread."

Stewart has also bought a five bedroom property in Malibu near the love nest she and Pattinson once shared. The insider added: "The Malibu property was bought specifically for Kristen's mom, Jules. It's a temporary home for Kristen for the time being, but she's praying that when Robert finds a new place, whether it's in Los Angeles or London, they could maybe start over again.

"It's still all up in the air. Robert has no idea what he wants to do and he's dithering over a decision. He loves Kristen, but his family told him to forget about any ideas he has of taking her back.

"Time will soon tell and the ball is in Robert's court. If he can forgive, forget and make the brave decision of letting his heart rule over his pride they may get back together."

According to OK magazine, a source tells them that the ex-couple had a fight yet again when Pattinson voiced his displeasure in Stewart wearing his clothes in public now that they're not a couple.

"[Rob] told her he didn't want her wearing his clothes in public because they're not a couple anymore," says a source to OK! Magazine, adding,  "[He] told her to throw them all away. He never wants to wear them, and he never wants her to wear them either. Rob is beyond angry at her."

According to the magazine, the fight didn't end there. Allegedly, the duo had a sit down meeting along with their lawyers recently and things didn't go too well.  The magazine also reports that Stewart tried to talk to Pattinson after the meeting but he completely ignored her to which Stewart starting screaming and calling his behavior 'ridiculous'.




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Sep 14, 2012 10:14 AM EDT