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Nivea Says Rihanna is a "No Go", Rihanna and Fans Fire Back Via Twitter Bashing



Rihanna has been the face of many brands over the years, last year she was an ambassador of several at the same time. One of her most notable endorsements was Nivea. The skincare brand sponsored Rihanna's "Loud" Tour and she was its spokeswoman for a while until the company's new CEO gave her the axe for being too cheeky.

Stefan Heidenreich, the new CEO of Nivea's parent company Beiersdorf, told German media that the brand will not continue working with the "Where Have You Been" singer any longer. In fact, he made his point very clear firmly stating,"Rihanna is a no go. I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability." Heidenreich is definitely not a fan of Rihanna's less-than-family-friendly image.

Not only is Heidenreich firing the 24-year-old starlet, he also wants to ban the use of any of her advertisements which features Rihanna topless covered by only her arms. His reason is to maintain the family friendly image for the brand. Heidenreich took on his new role at the beginning of the year. He makes a full 180 turn from Nivea's executive Markus Pinger who signed Rihanna onboard. Pinger's vision was to move the brand into a more modern generation. "We are excited to have Rihanna supporting us in our celebration and building a new generation of fans," Pinger stated."Rihanna is a music icon and her digital footprint will help us bring our anniversary celebration to consumers wherever they are."

The "Talk That Talk" star has been dubbed "too sexy" to be the face of the family oriented Nivea. Rihanna is known to go through drastic personality/image transformations that adapt to whatever her current album is. With her previous "Loud" album she sported bright red hair and was known for her loud and outrageous style choices. Now with "Talk That Talk" she's a spitfire badass. Recently the star has been spotted going to strip clubs, publicly smoking pot, and going visibly braless on numerous occasions. If her provocative lyrics and reckless lifestyle wasn't enough to make Heidenreich sever ties, it was probably her relationship with abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna and Brown released the raunchy track, "Birthday Cake" early this year. Since then, the Bajan princess has been criticized for going back to her abuser, even if it's just business.

Of course Rihanna, being the outspoken rebel that she is, fired back at Heidenreich via Twitter (as if there is any other effective way). The bold popstar uploaded the CEO's photo but apparently had no words for him. Rihanna captioned the photo with "No caption necessary", allowing her fans, endearingly nicknamed Rihanna Navy, do all the bashing.

Would Rihanna's bad girl image really affect Nivea?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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Aug 07, 2012 02:50 PM EDT