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Tamra Barney Divorce Rumors, RHOC Star Husband Eddie Judge Reportedly OVER Wife's Plastic Surgery Obsession, Is Latest Botox Look Causing Problems in Couple's Marriage? [VIDEO]


Tamra Barney
(Photo : Getty/Imeh Akpanudosen) New Report: Tamra Barney's ex-husband Simon Barney seeking full custody of oldest daughter Sidney Barney.

Tamra Barney's latest indulgence in Botox didn't fly over well with fans when she recently appeared on "Watch What Happens Live," and according to a new report her husband Eddie Judge doesn't like his wife's latest plastic surgery either.

In fact, Eddie is reportedly so concerned with Tamra's constant desire to fix her face that he's allegedly told the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star to stop with the plastic surgery altogether, RadarOnline reported.

When Tamra appeared on WWHL nearly a month ago, fans were taken aback by her new altered appearance as she admitted that she "maybe just a little work done," and a source close to the reality star's husband said that Eddie was just as stunned by her new and improved look.

"It's absolutely ridiculous that Tamra has had so much Botox and cosmetic fillers work done to her face. She looks like a former shell of the beautiful lady that she used to be," the source said. "Eddie just can't understand her need to constantly go to the plastic surgeon."

The source went on to reveal that Eddie is so tired of Tamra's plastic surgery efforts that it's beginning to become a problem in their marriage.

"And it's become a major issue between them. Tamra does receive a discount on the procedures, but it's still very expensive. More importantly, Eddie prefers the natural look, and just wishes Tamra would stop. Yet, she refuses," the insider said.

However, her constant need for fillers isn't the only thing allegedly causing a rift in one-year marriage.

As we previously reported, the RHOC veteran was recently at the epicenter of divorce rumors after Eddie opted to not join the rest of the casts' husbands for the RHOC season nine reunion taping after he reportedly got fed up with all the drama surrounding his wife.

"Eddie was invited to go to the reunion, but refused," a source revealed. "And Tamra was extremely upset about it."

"For Eddie, however, there was nothing to gain by going and it would have been a waste of his time," the source continued. "All of the over-the-top drama, including from his own wife, was just wearing on his nerves."

The source went on to reveal that even monetary payment couldn't convince Eddie to join the other husbands alongside his wife for the reunion show.

"Bravo even offered to pay Eddie extra money to go, but that still couldn't entice him. There are no contractual obligations for him to be a part of the reunion," the source said.

Check out Tamra's updated look on "Watch What Happens Live" below. Does it look like she's had too much work done? Tell us!


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Aug 18, 2014 02:45 PM EDT