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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' End Credits Scene Spoilers: 'Howard The Duck' Reboot Movie Release Date 2018 Following 'GOTG 2'? Director James Gunn Says: "Howard Could Reappear In Marvel Universe"


Guardians of the Galaxy
(Photo : Marvel/"Guardians of the Galaxy") Is a "Howard the Duck" reboot coming our way after "GOTG 2"?


One of the best surprises during Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" didn't occur until after the credits came up. For those of you who stayed until the very end, you'll know that infamous movie character Howard the Duck, who's film of the same name was one of the biggest box office bombs of all time, reappeared in the Marvel universe and finally got to appear in a big box office hit!

Director James Gunn talked about how the idea to put Howard in the movie started off as nothing more than a joke, but slowly started to actually seem like a good idea. He explains to Empire Magazine:

"I think it was some combination of me and the editor Fred Raskin who said, 'Let's put Howard The Duck in there. What if The Collector looks over and sees Howard The Duck sitting there?' And I wrote down the line, 'Whaddya let it lick you like that for? Gross.' Fred and I thought it was hilarious, but we weren't sure that [Head of Marvel Studios] Kevin Feige would go for it. But we told Kevin and Kevin couldn't stop laughing, so that's how it came about."

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As to whether or not the end credits of "GOTG" will lead to a "Howard the Duck" spinoff/reboot, Gunn doesn't necessarily think it will happen soon, but he certainly doesn't dismiss the idea, saying:

"I'll be honest with you, I was just talking about it with my assistant right now. It's possible Howard could reappear as more of a character in the Marvel Universe. But if people think that's going to lead to a "Howard The Duck" movie, that's probably not going to happen in the next four years. Who knows after that?"

The next four years would indicate that if a "Howard the Duck" movie does in fact happen, it could hit in 2018. "GOTG 2" will be released on July 28th, 2017, so it's possible that Howard could once again appear in the superhero sequel, which would then set him up for his own spinoff!

(Photo : Universal Pictures/"Howard the Duck")

Marvel President Kevin Feige is very open to the idea. He tells Comic Book Resources:

"I think it would be fun to lay claim to Howard and to remind people that he's more than just a pseudonym for film failure. And that he is a Marvel character. That would be fun."

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Would you be down for a new "Howard the Duck" movie or was his cameo in the end credits enough?


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Aug 13, 2014 12:36 PM EDT