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Sean Lennon Angry At Wacky Attempts To Clone John Lennon


Sean Lennon Angry At Wacky Attempts To Clone John Lennon
(Photo : Getty/Rahav Segev) Sean Lennon is angry and confused at dentist for trying to clone his father, John Lennon.

Sean Lennon is furious and fed up with Canadian dentist Dr. Michael Zuk's incessant chattering about his futuristic plans to clone his father, John Lennon.

The sci-fi lovin' dentist had won a rotten molar of John Lennon's at auction last year and now wants to figure out how to fully sequence the musician's DNA, reports Rolling Stone. He would raise Lennon II as his son if he was able to get his wish and would also want the clone to assume Lennon's persona as well. Plus, Lennon II could potentially make a claim for his DNA donor's estate too.

The dentist also suggested that he could clone Lennon not once, but multiple times as well. Thankfully, Dr. Zuk admits that he's accepted that the technology necessary to carry out his bizarre futuristic plan is not currently available to him, writes NME.

Needless to say, John Lennon's son Sean is not thrilled at all with Dr. Zuk. Not only is the younger Lennon baffled by why the strange doctor would even want to clone his father, but he's angry at the DNA being used so cavalierly too.

The NZ Herald News says that Lennon's son has lashed out at Dr. Zuk by slamming his plans to extract his father's DNA from a rotten molar as "bizarre, futuristic, and dystopian."

The younger Lennon has also dropped quite a few hint that he's ready to go to court to battle for his father's DNA rights and any ridiculous attempts to clone the late Beatle as well.

While Dr. Zuk's plan is considered by the general public to be a load of hogwash, the younger Lennon brings up a good point about the doctor's delusional plans by saying that the rights we have over our discarded DNA is a murky one. This is the reason why "bizarre and dystopian cloning plans" are allowed to thrive in the media, even if the technology isn't available and some countries have legal barriers against it.

Although there's no chance that Dr. Zuk's plan will succeed anytime soon, perhaps the younger Lennon's potential lawsuit will help raise the awareness we need in order to secure and protect the rights to our discarded DNA. That way, should science ever advance to that point in the future, our rights will already be in place by law.


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May 09, 2014 12:00 PM EDT