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'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 3 Episode 9 SPOILER: Jackie Encounters Naked Man in Paris With Brittish and Sundy [WATCH]


Basketball Wives LA
(Photo : Facebook/Basketball Wives) "Basketball Wives LA" season 3 spoilers!

The saying goes, "When in Paris, do as the Parisians do!" Oh wait - That's Rome!

Nonetheless, when in Paris it's only right for a visitor to take time engaging in many of the typical activities Parisians are known for, like discovering good art for example.

However, when Sundy Carter takes "Basketball Wives: LA" co-stars Brittish Williams and Jackie Christie on a journey to explore their artistic sides, Jackie realizes that discovering art in Paris may result in some serious trouble with her husband Doug Christie when she returns to Los Angeles.

"I am an amateur artist, and I felt it would be very cultivating to invite Brittish as well as Jackie to just consume the artwork that goes along with Paris," Sundy said to greenroom cameras in a Vh1 sneak peek of episode 9.

Little does Jackie know, Sundy's idea of consuming Parisian art has a lot to do with naked men, and is completely stunned when the art instructor brings out a man who later unrobes himself so the girls can draw a picture of him naked.

"I don't know what you brought me to but you trying to get me killed. Doug is not gonna go for this on top of that it's uncomfortable," Jackie said to greenroom cameras. "This is a naked man and he's a lot of a man. He's not just some little guy, this is a big dude."

"I see this big huge dong hanging in front of him the size of a horse. I was thinking, 'Oh dear God this man is standing here butt naked."

"I knew we had to sketch him, but I didn't know the particulars," Sundy revealed to greenroom cameras. "I wasn't... I wasn't prepared."

As the girls prepare to tackle the task of drawing a naked man, Jackie seems less than enthused to participate.

"It's okay for you?" the instructor asked Jackie, who refused to look upon the naked man.

"Jackie, look up it's okay," Brittish said. "This is the french culture. We have come to Paris to enjoy what they do so we're gonna do it. Come on. You can do it."

"I'm a sexual person, but that is too much up there," Jackie said to greenroom cameras. "It's like sex on steroids, okay. That's too much, just cover him up and I'll draw that otherwise I'm not gonna look."

Looks like the ladies are in store for quite the Paris experience.

How will Doug react to Jackie's drawing of a naked man?

Find out when "Basketball Wives: LA" airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on Vh1.

Check out the episode nine sneak peak below!


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Apr 12, 2014 09:49 AM EDT