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Lana Del Rey New Song Leaked: ‘Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight’ Recorded For New Album ‘Ultraviolence’ [LISTEN]


Lana Del Rey
(Photo : Twitter)

A new Lana Del Rey song called “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” has leaked online.

 NME writes that the song is thought to have been recorded during sessions for Del Rey’s upcoming album, “Ultraviolence,” but was cut from the final tracklisting.

The song has a new disco inspiration but stays true to Lana Del Rey’s Americana mythology. She sings that she’s “servin’ coke and fries at the movie drive-in” and promises, “I can be your little dairy queen.”

She begins, “Understand this / I’m not looking for true love tonight / if you wanna be my little baby you can / meet me in the pale moonlight.”

Music blogs gave the song mixed reviews.

 Spin writes, “Backed by Chic-like strings and guitar flashes, the ‘Once Upon a Dream’ singer puts her expressive voice to work, breathing and cooing and squeaking her come-ons.”

 Stereogum writes, “The track welds a liquid funk guitar and big, thudding beat to the melodramatic strings and narcotized vocals we’ve come to expect from this lady. It’s a bit of a mess, but at least it’s an interesting mess.”

Idolator writes, “Can Lana Del Rey please put us out of our misery and release Ultraviolence? Her sophomore set promises to be a triumph if something as great as “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” (which leaked today) didn’t make the cut. This is probably the most upbeat track I’ve heard from the usually sedate diva (outside of a remix) and the murky disco sound turns out to be a surprisingly good fit.”

Gigwise writes, "Despite the moony title, 'Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight' is a breezy, uptempo guitar-led slice of disco pop, over which an assertive Lana croons: "I can be your one time baby/I can be your little dairy queen/I don't wanna care tonight I don't wanna fight/You don't have to give me anything". It doesn't quite match the 'dark' aesthetics Lana confirmed Ultraviolence channels, but it's still enjoyable."

Lana Del Rey previously revealed that she worked with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys on “Ultraviolence,” which she has said is “so good, it made me forget about the last record.

“I’m in love with it,” she added. “There’s something about it, I have that feeling about it. I have that romantic feeling about it. I’m excited.”

Listen to “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” below.


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