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Michelle Obama Divorce Soon? Inside SHOCKING Rumors, President Barack Obama and First Lady Have 'Nastiest White House Fight Ever'


Michelle and Barack Obama
(Photo : REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst ) Michelle and Barack Obama could be getting a divorce soon because the President is having trouble putting a stop to the First Lady's lavish spending habits, especially after her recent trip to China. Read below about the rumors!

Michelle and Barack Obama may be seeing divorce papers soon as new details from their marriage reveal that the President doesn't have that much of a hold on his First Lady.

According to, sources said that the political couple had a "major blowout" because of Michelle's recent vacation to China.

"This was a blowout of epic proportions - probably the nasti­est White House fight they've ever had," a Washington, D.C. insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

"They were both screaming at one another," the source said. Why? Because "The president was infuriated when advisers told him that they'd added up the costs of all their 'vacations' and China was putting them over the $150 million mark. But he's defenseless to stop Michelle be­cause their marriage has collapsed. She's doing what she wants - and that's seeing the world on the American taxpayers' dime."

So why was the trip so bad?

Well, Michelle took her mother, Marian Robinson, and her daughters Malia and Sasha on March 20 for a planned seven-day, three-city trip to China. They all stayed at a lavish 3,400-square-foot presidential suite at the Beijing Westin hotel, costing $8, 350 per night, which includes 24-hour butler service and a steam room.

"Barack asked Michelle to postpone the trip, but she refused," the insider explained. "Then, when Barack asked why she had to take her mother along, Michelle ripped into him. She screamed that he was 'lucky' that she hadn't left him after that embarrassing 'selfie,' and then she stormed off."

"It's clear to everyone at the White House that Barack has completely lost control of his wife," the source said. "Michelle does whatever she wants and goes wherever she wants. It's as if she's tacked up a map of the world and put pins on all the places she wants to visit. The sad part is that taxpayers are paying for her bucket list."

But it seems that the couple was already having problems because this blowout.

Design & Trend reported that the Obamas' marriage had been deteriorating just after Secret Service agents told the First Lady that her husband has been cheating on her, and that Michelle "will divorce Barack as soon as his presidency is over" in 2016. The two will try to work it out until then to prevent any "catastrophic" consequences.

Do you think Michelle and Barack Obama will get a divorce in 2016? Sound off below!


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