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'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 3 Episode 7 SPOILERS: Sundy vs Draya, Will Sundy Get Black Eye Revenge at Zombie Mud Run? [WATCH]


Basketball Wives LA
(Photo : Facebook/Basketball Wives LA) Jackie Christie dishes on behind-the-scenes fighting at the "Basketball Wives: LA" season three reunion.

Looks like someone may finally be able to get the "Basketball Wives: LA" cast together without some type of fight ensuing in the next episode of the hit Vh1 show.

In an effort to get all the women together peacefully, Draya Michele invites her cast mates out to a zombie filled mud run in a Vh1 released sneak peek and explains while there may be a ton of ill feelings between the women they'd all finally have a chance to fend for themselves and get competitive in the race.

"Why do you look like you just got beat to a pulp?" Sundy asked when Draya approached the group dressed up in her zombie gear.

"So welcome to Run For Your Lives," Draya greeted.

"Run for our lives?" Jackie Christie asked, looking slightly scared by the other zombies standing with Draya.

"It's like a marathon and I decided to bring us all here together today because we can't get along when there's alcohol, we can't get along when we try to do something to get along so today we're not going to get along," Draya explained. "No friends, no cliques, no nothing. It's everybody for themselves, you gotta make it out alive."

The women seem to be slightly put off by the race but reluctantly agree to run the race.

"Today I'm done up as a zombie because I don't necessarily be on their team, I just want to teach them all a lesson," Draya said to greenroom cameras.

"My heart is beating like a hundred miles an hour," Jackie said.

"It should be," Draya responded. "Wait [until] you even get to where we're going."

"I'm going to win this. Draya is not about to beat me in this game," Sundy said to greenroom cameras.

Sounds like Sundy may have some tricks of her own up her sleeve for Draya's mud run. Will the newbie try to get revenge for the black eye Draya gave her in last week's episode?

Find out when "Basketball Wives: LA" airs on Monday, March 31 at 8 p.m. on Vh1.

Check out the sneak peek of episode seven below!


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Mar 29, 2014 10:09 PM EDT


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