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Mindy Kaling HINTS 'The Mindy Project' Season 2 SPOILERS: Will Mindy and Danny Become a Couple After Passionate Kiss? [PIC]


The Mindy Project
(Photo : Facebook/The Mindy Project) "The Mindy Project" season two spoilers!

"The Mindy Project" fans can rejoice because the hilarious Fox sitcom is only days away from it's season two return!

When we last saw Mindy, she was caught up in a passionate kiss with her co-worker, Danny, during their flight from LA back to New York just moments after sending an heartfelt email to her ex-boyfriend, Cliff, begging for him to take her back!

So can viewers expect a steamy romance to blossom between the two doctors when the show returns?

According to TMP creator Mindy Kaling, while things may certainly be brewing between them, Danny and Mindy's kiss definitely doesn't mean the doctor friends are headed towards a loving relationship just yet, Huffington Post reported.

"This was more an expression of passion and lust pent up than it was love and feelings," Kaling admitted. "The fall-out is going to play out. The last eight episodes build up like a roller coaster."

Only adding to fan's anticipation to a Mindy-Danny hook up, Kaling recently posted a behind-the-scenes sneak peek photo of she and co-star Chris Messina, who plays Danny, cozied up in in the bed together.

Although happily-ever-after may not be in the cards for Mindy and Danny just yet, some kind of romance certainly seems to be building between the couple, especially with so many guest stars slated to stir up some trouble for the almost-couple when season two returns.

As we previously reported, TMP will be getting a slew of incredible guest-stars when it returns to Fox including Tim Daly, Brain Greenfield and actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

No word on who the "Private Practice" alum will be playing when he guest stars on the show, but the actor was thrilled to share the news he would be starring on TMP with his Twitter followers.

"Humans! I'm excited to be shooting a comedy for FOX today! Can't say what it is yet - any guesses? hopes? dreams?" Daly tweeted right before spilling another clue, "Here's another rhymes with 'Cindy.'"

Greenfield is slated to play the role of Lee, a hot guy at a bar whose intentions seem pretty questionable. While we're not sure if Lee will disrupt Mindy and Danny's love story, his character definitely sounds like one Mindy would be attracted to.

Dewan-Tatum has been booked to stir up some trouble for the Schulman & Associates doctors with her role as Brooke, a medical receptionist and newcomer to the office who has an interesting past with Danny.

Be sure to catch "The Mindy Project" when it returns to Fox on April 1!


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Mar 29, 2014 08:13 PM EDT