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‘Castle’ Season 6 SPOILERS: When Will Castle And Beckett Get Married? Episode 20 ‘That ‘70s Show’ TRAILER, AIR DATE


(Photo : Facebook/Castle)

“Castle” creator Andrew Marlowe recently opened up about when fans can expect Castle and Beckett to get married after becoming engaged in the Season 6 premiere. Of course, we also have spoilers and a trailer for the next episode, “That ‘70s Show.”

Asked about Castle’s and Beckett’s wedding plans, Marlowe told Give Me My Remote, “I think that what the two of them want from their wedding is going to play out for the audience. I think we’re going to play fair with them, and show Castle and Beckett try and have the wedding they want.

“What I’ll say is we’re trying to present a couple who are in the process of planning a wedding, and things get talked about, and things come up as you get close to the date. We think it would be unfair not to talk about it, not to show it, because it is very much a part of their lives.

“In terms of how everything is going to play out and what we’re going to do, and if the road is going to go smoothly or if it’s going to be rocky, or if there are going to be surprises along the way, whether the day changes, whether the day stays the same, whether it happens or not, that’s all stuff we want the audience to tune in to see. Things certainly can happen along the way, but that doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be off. It doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be on. It’s just a natural part [of the process.]

“I’ve been to weddings that have been lovely; I’ve been to weddings that have been disastrous; I’ve been to weddings that have gone off without a hitch; I’ve been to weddings that didn’t happen on the day [of the planned event.],” he added. “There are plenty of opportunities out there, and I’ve love for the audience to watch.”

That mention of weddings that don’t happen on the day they’re scheduled make us think that Stana Katic, who plays Beckett, may get her wish! She previously said that she hopes the wedding comes when fans least expect it.

"There's got to be some espionage stunt that screws up the wedding and leads them to city hall to just get it over with. They are constantly living on the edge, and their wedding day should be no different,” she said.

Next up is Season 6, Episode 20, “That ‘70s Show,” set to air on Monday, April 21.

 TV Line previously revealed that the episode will be set in the1970s – kind of.

“In order to get information from one of our characters, we have to pretend that we’re in that era — because he believes that he’s still in that era,” Katic said.

“I don’t know how extreme they’re going to go,” she added. “But they’ve been playing around with, like, different hair and stuff — for the guys, mostly.”

Watch the trailer below.


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Mar 25, 2014 12:11 PM EDT